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Through the Week in Feminine Dress!

Mrs. B. has graciously shared with us her week in feminine dress, which she photographed in 2004. We're sorry it took us so long to get these online, but we hope you enjoy her creativity and femininity!

It's been a long journey toward femininity and modesty for me, since I was inspired by articles by ladies on this website and by ladies in other places two summers ago. I'm still not there quite yet, but I'm so much closer. Even some of the clothes pictured here will be culled from my collection as soon as I find a better replacement. These pictures, therefore, are of a wardrobe-in-progress. Though creating a new wardrobe has been an intensely thoughtful, and at times tedious endeavour, it's been worthwhile. I appear always, unmistakeably, as a woman, and a woman who wants to look pretty. This is a change from my past look. I used to really love androgenous styles the most! My ideal is to wear only well below knee-length dresses and skirts. I love the longest, most flowing ones the best. I feel like a princess in them! In tops, also, my ideal is modesty, so I don't wear anything low-cut, sleeveless, or tight. On the other hand, my ideal is certainly not to wear "sacks," as my husband puts it. The feminine figure, in my opinion, was created by the Lord, and is uniquely suited to my purpose, that is, to help, please and serve as a Christian wife and mother (we eagerly await our children!). My form is a gracious gift--nothing to be ashamed of or try to hide. I must always be mindful of those around me, and respect them by my dress and manner. I achieve this by, ideally, wearing nothing that is either stimulating (in a sinful way) or ugly. The Lord is still leading me in this. These are the things I believe he's taught me so far, and I'm learning all the time!

I have sewn several skirts. I learned to sew (it was so painful, at first) for this very purpose, but the more I become adept, the more I appreciate what a treasure hand-made things are, so I'm making things for the household, like tablecloths, and will sew as much as possible for our future children. I'm trying to learn how to make hand-worked gifts as well. I didn't appreciate these things in the past, since everything I'd ever seen hand-made was not to my tastes. Now I know that's one of the beautiful things about it. I can make exactly what I want, without being subject to the whims of the times. I will point out the hand-sewn skirts in these shots as I go. Finally, a note on the head-coverings. When these photos were compiled, I was experimenting with full-time headcovering. Though many ladies whose opinions and reasoning I respect are convicted to cover full-time, I am not, at this time. I cover for certain times and events, and the coverings pictured are the kinds I use, but I do not cover all the time.

Day One

Emptying the dishwasher: I love this wrap skirt. It's bias cut, and I will soon try to take a pattern from it. My pattern will have some sort of closure halfway down, however, since I must always have a hand free if I'm walking outside in this skirt!

Making our bed

Writing in my diary: I can't wait to get a large, framed picture to go on that long wall behind the sofa. I'll know the right one when I see it!

Sewing at our dining room table: This is the last hem on my favorite bias skirt pattern, Simplicity 2029, view C. Currently, I've made three skirts from this pattern and am working on a fourth. It's easy and so comfortable and flattering!

Crocheting an afghan square: This afghan is for my husband's grandfather. It's in soft yarns.

Day Two

Doing the laundry: Our laundry room is down four flights of stairs and over across the apartment building. Conversely, our apartment is up four flights of stairs from the laundry room. I get a bit of extra exercise on laundry days. I love it!

Folding the laundry: I made this headcovering. It is just a rectangle, cut from a pinafore that got a stain on it.

Ironing: I love ironing since I bought vanilla-scented linen water that steams into my clothes when I iron them. The whole bedroom smells good when I'm finished ironing.

Planting a container garden: I walked a mile down to the local garden and farm center on Main Street in my town, and brought back the following plants: squash; zucchini; and green pepper from the store; along with mint and oregano my sister-in-law dug up for me from her herb garden.

Holding Micah, my one brother's first baby. Isn't she the sweetest!

Picking a salad: My dear sister-in-law, Cheryl, and I pick a lettuce salad from their cleverly laid-out garden. My brother tilled the rows in an ampitheater pattern, so they'd catch the rainwater as it ran downhill.

Day Three

Reading to my sister's daughters at my parents' house: Susy, me, and Mary-Lynne. We're reading about horses. Can you tell I'm wearing the skirt I finished two nights ago?

My mom and I: My dad buys my mom these cute dresses from Blair and others. She's been dresses-only all my life. My skirt is made from a very light fabric, so I wear a long slip underneath. Live and learn.

My nephew and I: On Fridays, I go to my parents and help them help my sister homeschool her kids. Jared and I are working on Algebra I, here.

Making next week's menu: Here's my little desk. Isn't it beautiful? This is my favorite color of wood. I always make a menu, then a shopping list for the next week. This system works really well for me. The beautiful but out-of-focus black-framed picture on the top right was a Valentine's Day gift from my husband. He's a wonderful artist. He made that on the computer, sculpting it in 3D.

Crocheting again: It takes diligence to get a job done!

Checking on an ivy slip: Has it sent out roots yet? My mom promised me this would work, but I'll have to try again. This slip eventually passed away, sadly.

Our cat, Aslan.

Day Four


Container gardening again: Here I'm setting in collards and cabbage. I did not realize when I bought them that cabbages grow huge. I gave them to my parents, later, and the cabbages are doing very well at their house.

Studying French: I love this nightgown that I got at Kohl's. And I got my French textbook at a used bookstore. It's a lovely 1926 edition that teaches phonetically. It's a pleasure to touch and smell, as well as a good text. I supplement the book with "Learn In Your Car" French tapes, which have proven invaluable for pronunciation guides.

Day Five

Making a custard for PopPop: My husband's grandfather mentioned that he loved baked custard, so I made him one. This skirt has a silky polyester underskirt that's about mid-calf length, with a diaphanous printed overskirt of printed blue nylon. Everyone loves it; even complete strangers compliment it! I've had it for years.

Pinning a pattern: This is yet another of the famed Simplicity 2029. I just love that pattern. It can do no wrong.

Day Six

Getting ready to block the afghan: I cut a template out of cardboard. Since this was my first afghan, the blocks were all different sizes, and blocking was a bit of a nightmare! Here I'm wearing a pink skirt made from--you guessed it--Simplicity 2029. I like to pair light-colored skirts with white tops. I feel like a ballerina in this outfit.

Feeding the kitty:I made this apron, too. Actually, it was my first project. I was so proud, though now I can see all the blunders so clearly!

Preparing dinner

Day Seven

Mother's Day: I was going to visit my mom at her church, which is quite casual. Also, since I am still building my wardrobe, I had run out of other skirts to wear (blush).

Hat: I just had to include a picture of my big straw hat, so I took this before heading outside!

Thank you, Mrs. B., for sharing your days with us!