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What Every Girl Should Know (Book Review)
By Mrs. Crystal Paine
Apr 29, 2004 - 2:53:00 PM

A few years ago, Myklin Cox was approached by a homeschooling mother and asked to teach a Christian young ladies' class on manners and social graces. After teaching a number of such classes very successfully, Myklin felt the Lord leading her to compile the materials and handouts she used into a book format. The result is What Every Girl Should Know.

Writing in a very engaging and personal style, Myklin takes young girls on a journey through many of the issues they face in their growing-up years. She begins by laying the foundation with the most important Person every girl should know—the Lord Jesus Christ. Without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, there truly is no point in learning anything else in life.

After laying that foundation, the book begins discussing many practical issues such as gifts and talents, proper health, social graces, friendships and role models, home economics, and relationships with boys. Woven in with the practical ideas and helps are Scripture passages to aid girls in developing a biblical view on these topics.

This 160-page textbook/workbook is ideal to use in variety of settings. From mother-daughter mentoring times to young girls’ Bible studies to a class like the material was originally written for, this book is very adaptable to your unique situation. Myklin initially wrote the book with 10- to 15-year-olds in mind, but 8- to 18 year-olds have gone through the material and found it enjoyable and helpful.

This book is especially ideal for older young women who would like to start a class like Myklin did. There are so many girls who need to learn basic social graces and manners from a biblical perspective. Because of this book’s approach, it is appropriate for a wide audience. It would be an excellent tool to use for a group of girls in your neighborhood, your church, or your local homeschooling group.

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