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Homemaking and Other Practical Topics

Introducing The Homemaker's Mentor!
Jan 5, 2008 - 11:54:36 PM

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If you have ever wished for a friend or an older woman to hold your hand and teach you skills you have always wanted to learn, The Homemaker's Mentor is for you! From the comfort and convenience of your own home, The Homemaker’s Mentor brings you helpful lessons to inspire, expand and enjoy your homemaking skills.

As each lesson is learned, your homemaking skills increase and are refined. You will find deep enjoyment in being a homemaker by learning from older, like-minded women who have traveled the way before you and can look back and help you overcome life's struggles as a busy homemaker.

Mrs. Martha Greene and Mrs. Rebekah Wilson, both homemakers, wives, mothers and also well-known authors in their areas of expertise are a friendly hand reaching out to help you on your journey to becoming the best homemaker you can be!

Each lesson is available online in beautiful, full-color PDF format with an additional option of printable lessons for storing in your own homemaker’s notebook. You have access to your new lessons 24 hours per day, seven days per week so you can read at your leisure.

Both Martha and Rebekah have prepared twelve lessons each per year, for a total of 24 lessons coming straight to your home! There are also four additional free lessons written by special authors that will be available to you as well – each one written by a respected woman in her field of expertise! You will receive a total of 28 lessons with a full year’s paid subscription!

How does The Homemaker’s Mentor work? It is so simple! You may sign up for a full year’s subscription or pay monthly with automatic payments. Each month on the first and third Tuesday, a new lesson will be placed on The Homemaker’s Mentor website. You have the full month to access your lessons and read them or print them for your files. All lessons share information with you – and some lessons offer optional assignments or projects. Each month, the lessons are taken down and a new set of lessons put in place. The previous month’s two lessons are then placed on the website for individual sale – so if you have joined recently you can purchase older lessons that sound interesting to you. Throughout the year, the additional four free lessons will become available to you as well at no additional cost.

Also included in your purchase price, The Homemaker’s Mentor has a private forum for all members to join. Martha and Rebekah will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding lessons; as well as bringing all the members together to help encourage each other and share ideas on the homemaking journey. Both Martha and Rebekah’s desire is to reach you on a personal level and offer any and all help possible to make what you learn practical in your home and beneficial to your family!

Martha and Rebekah have a strong desire to help share their wealth of experience and information with as many homemakers as possible. Although both Martha and Rebekah have their own home businesses [Martha owns   and Rebekah owns ], they have felt called to open The Homemaker’s Mentor and team up together to provide a treasury of information at an affordable price.

Although each lesson could easily be sold for current e-book prices, Martha and Rebekah know first-hand the struggles many homemakers have in making ends meet. In their hope to share and be a blessing to homemakers everywhere, their low price of $4.95 per month is less than most would spend on a single e-book alone! There is even greater saving when you sign up for a full year at $49.99, too. Members also have the privilege of a further discount to buy a year subscription for a sister, friend, or mom. This is a fantastic deal – and one Martha and Rebekah trust will be a blessing to you. There is no obligation, and you may cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Purchasing a full year of HMM guarantees you 24+ full lessons in the course of 12 months.   

Are you curious to see what a lesson looks like? Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Greene have generously offered two free sample lessons to LAF readers. The first sample lesson is a winsome and fun one about how to use "orphan" socks! It is available in PDF format by clicking here to download. We'll add a second sample lesson to LAF closer to the end of January. These sample lessons will be available throughout 2008 but will expire at the end of the year, so be sure to check them out while they're here! If you'd like to sign up for the regular monthly lessons, click the banner link below, and be sure to tell the ladies that you heard about The Homemaker's Mentor on LAF!


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