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Homemaking and Other Practical Topics

The Merchant Maiden: A Book Review
By Jennifer M. McBride
Dec 5, 2004 - 6:01:00 PM

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As more and more families seek to return to a more Biblical standard of home and family life, more and more families are also beginning to view their daughters' unmarried years as a time to be spent at home. Rather than going off to college or pursuing a career, many young Christian women have recaptured the beautiful vision of being a keeper at home. As a result they are spending their maiden years in preparation for this calling.

For many families this is an untraveled road. While parents and daughters may be firmly convinced of the Lord's leading, many new questions can arise as to practically applying this vision in day to day life. Among them are “Should a young woman earn an income?” and “If so, how can she do so without removing herself from her father's protection and authority?” In her brand new book, The Merchant Maiden, Crystal Paine does an excellent job of addressing these issues both Scripturally and practically.

Crystal, whose own home business, Covenant Wedding Source utilizes the talents of seamstresses and other women working from their homes, writes in a friendly, easy-to-read manner. Beginning with the Scriptural examples of women earning an income from home, she then lists some basic principles that must be in place before pursuing a home business.

After sharing her own story and personal experiences with different home businesses, Crystal offers a lengthy, helpful, and downright inspiring list of ideas for businesses and other income-producing ventures that are suitable for young women and can be operated from the home. Many of the suggestions are not only great ideas for earning an income, but would also be wonderful training in skills that would be useful as a homemaker!

Interspersed throughout the book are many personal testimonies from young women who have successfully earned an income while remaining under the protection and authority of their parents. Finally, Crystal offers some helpful tips for starting a home business in general.

While it is geared toward the young, unmarried woman, the book would also be quite beneficial to wives, mothers, and any women seeking to earn an income from home.

Besides being helpful practically, The Merchant Maiden also offers encouragement to young women walking what can sometimes be a lonely road. (I well remember the days of feeling like “the odd one out” before I was married and was pursuing neither college nor a career!). Learning that there are more young women of the same mind and conviction out there is reason enough to read this little book, even if one is not a bit entrepreneurial!

The Merchant Maiden is available from Covenant Wedding Source and in E-Book form from Covenant Wedding Source and Old Paths.

Jennifer McBride is a homeschool graduate and a very happy wife and mother. She and her husband Steve live in Ohio with their four small children (ages 3,2,1 and two months) and operate Old Paths, a website dedicated to encouraging Christian parents toward a godly home and family. Mrs. McBride enjoys making a home for her family, reading, writing, and a good cup of tea.

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