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How to Get Back Home

When Your Husband Loses His Job
By Mrs. Anita Koller
May 7, 2004 - 3:58:00 PM

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My husband was recently laid off for the third time in less then three years due to downsizing and restructuring of business. This last layoff is probably the hardest of the three. As the wife of my dear husband, I have stood alongside of him, and God has sustained us and seen us through financially and spiritually. I have no doubt in my mind that He will do no less this time around.

In today's world, when a man gets laid off it is so very tempting for the wife to say, “I need to get a job to help out with the bills until my husband gets back to work.” But would God have the wife to do that? I do not believe so.

It is my conviction to wait on the Lord to provide for my family through my husband. He always has and most likely will continue to do so. All this means is that all our future plans have been put on the back burner, we will have to go a little while without the extras, and that new dress will just have to wait.

What message would I send to my children if I obtained job to “help out with the bills?” That Daddy is failure and not able to provide? The Lord has called me to be my husband's helpmate. My job is not an easy one, but it is important nonetheless. While my husband is without work, I am trying to make the best of the time at hand by continuing with my duties as a mother, wife, and homemaker. Below I have listed some of the things I have been doing thus far in hopes that it will encourage other women who are in my shoes. You can stand firm, and you will make it through!

  1. Become creative in fixing meals on less money. Dig way back in the pantry and find those lost canned vegetables you have been meaning to use. Also realize that eating out anywhere (even McDonald's) is just not affordable. Be willing to not buy fancy foods, snacks etc. Bake your own bread and drink lots of water. Save the tea and coffee for a special time.
  2. Have that long-needed yard sale to obtain some extra grocery money. This is also a great way to organize your home and to declutter those closets. Besides, your husband's next job may be in a different city, and you may have to move. It is a good idea to be prepared.
  3. Stay home. The less you run, the less gas you use, and the less money you spend. Do not go to the store or anywhere unless you have to. When you do have to go somewhere, try to get multiple errands done.
  4. Give up the extra activities like piano lessons, sports, etc. While your husband is laid off, the money can be used for more important things like groceries or the electric bill.
  5. To keep the children's minds busy, help them find a way to earn money to help out with the family economy. For example, our son is starting a lawn mowing business called “Small Yard Ventures.” We have a push mower, and we live in town, so he will be able to serve others locally. Our daughter is separating some of our flowers and herbs to sell at the farmer's market.
  6. Help your husband stay on track. Being laid off is very hard on men. God made them providers, and when they do not have a job they can become depressed and discouraged. It is important to ask his friends to call regularly to keep him encouraged. Also try to help him stay on a schedule. I encourage my husband to get up at the same time he would get up to go to work. I gently encourage him to shower, shave, and dress. I remind him when it is lunch time and encourage him to make phone calls. I even help him with his resume'. I have cut his hair and made ready his suit for interviews. I have made sure the computer desk is cleaned up every afternoon after he has done job searches, e-mailed resume's, and made phone calls. I have also purchased our local weekly paper as well as the Sunday paper so that he can look at the want ads. I pray for my husband often and encourage him to read his Bible daily and to seek God.
  7. Many folks have offered my husband small jobs, such as hauling rocks or doing yard work, to pay him until he gets a new job. I encourage him to do this to keep his mind busy while he waits for God to open the door of opportunity.
  8. We are attending Church weekly and asking for prayer from our brothers and sisters in Christ. We need all the prayer we can get.
  9. I am prepared for the worst and will not be discouraged if we have to sell everything and start all over. We know God has a plan.
  10. Lastly, I am too busy to look for a job myself. I already have a job! With mothering, taking care of my husband, the home, and homeschooling, I already have a few full-time jobs. The Lord will provide again. I will just have to stand firm.

    May God encourage you in the midst of difficult times to look to Him and trust that He will provide through the means He has created.

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