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Lady Lydia Speaks

How To Stop Fretting Over Politics and Start Living Abundantly
By Mrs. Stanley Sherman
Nov 7, 2007 - 3:40:16 PM

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"No Time For Politics" by Charles Dana Gibson

Women who are at home full time are usually the ones who can be relied upon to keep up with political issues that threaten the family. They have the freedom to research impending legislation, write articles, and try to keep the public aware of threats to marriage, home, family, and, ultimately, our nation. Since the home, consisting of husband, wife, and children, is the foundation of a nation, any threats to its existence are of major concern to all of us.

"Morning in the Studio" by Patrick William Adam from #926915

However, all these causes, from the right to life, to threats against home schooling, and even the pollution of our food, though worthy, can take away time and strain the emotions that are needed to concentrate on their duties at home.

I will define the agenda of what is commonly known as the invisible or secret government (not so invisible anymore, thanks to the web), and show how the homemaker can make a political statement and counteract these diabolical schemes, without spending her emotions and the time that rightly belongs to her family.

This enemy that has infiltrated our representative government and the office of the president will not sleep until the following things on its agenda are accomplished:

1) The abolishment of all ordered government
2) The abolishment of all private property
3) The abolishment of all inheritance
4) The abolishment of all patriotism
5) The abolishment of all religion
6) The abolishment of all family and marriage
7) The creation of a World Government or World Order- to take the place of all of the above things that had been abolished

Now that you see their aim, you can certainly understand why it is the Christian's duty to protect marriage, private property, the accuracy of the Bible, and the right to live Christian principles found within it. Here are some things you can do about it.

“Bedtime Story” from #1207650

1. Teach your children well, and use textbooks that explain the biblical purpose of government and the beginnings of our government. Revisionist history taught in public schools gives the next generation a warped view of our founding fathers and the biblical purpose of forming a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

The elitists who change our history will also change the minds of our children through their control of the public schools, turning out thousands of graduates each year who will naively fall in with this plan to abolish good government. Homeschooling is the most powerful way of doing politics in your home, and it is also delightful. It bonds children to their parents and to each other in the home. It gives them a love for their country so that they, as adults, will want to keep it free.

The goals of the revisionists and progressives are to make the state the new home, the new womb, the new parents, the care-givers from daycare to death, the new ministers, the new life, and the new tomb. To do this, they have to accomplish the seven things listed above. This involves dictating to us through media persuasion and the public schools--everything we do--from the kind of food we eat to our health care. Their doctrine promises a type of utopia when their agenda is followed, an agenda that involves separating families from their authorities and using "experts" to run the family.


"Sweet Dreams" by Consuelo Gamboa from #968171

The most far-reaching political control you can wield is to stay home with your children from birth. This will do the children and society more good than all the government programs, all the government education, and all the opportunities society might offer them. Staying home with your baby changes things more than any political convention. It is better than welfare, better than WIC, better than daycare, better than public schools. Of all the things that adults today speak most longingly for is a happy childhood, and that cannot be provided by the state. The hand that rocks the cradle still rules the world. This is one reason that government creates schemes to get children into daycares and schools earlier and earlier. They know that the only thing that stands in their way of getting these seven things are the mothers at home with their children and the parents being the biggest influence on their children.

“Bible Stories” by Marla, from #54213

One way to get a western nation to succumb easily to socialism and atheism and, ultimately, one-world government dictatorship is to gain control of the education system. Mothers who stay home with their children from birth will have greater control over the beliefs and values of the next generation. Being home with them means greater freedom to teach many different things. Homeschoolling your children is like voting for home and family; a vote that is cast daily and is felt so strongly that the political change agents tremble at the thought of it.

One of the basic aspects of child-training is the concept of obedience. If you do not get your child's obedience early, they will not understand the grave importance of honoring their parents later on. When children are taught to obey their parents, they are less likely to follow other people or obey those that are not their God-given authorities.

You can read more about the consequences of disobedience in the Biblical accounts of Absolom, Rehoboam, and even Samson. My blog, has articles designed to make parents realize the responsibility they have to see that children respect them. Another way to control people is to divide their loyalties by causing rebellion at home. We need to get back to authoritative parents who are concerned about the generation beyond themselves. Rather than being a negative word, obedience to parents is designed to protect children and young adults.

“Grandma's Lap” by Marla, from # 349883

Training children to be mannerly and honoring will enrich the parents later on. There is a now a wealth of Biblically oriented resources for training children in good conduct, including George Washington’s Rules of Conduct, which he wrote when he was only 13 years old.

"Gracious Atmosphere I" by George Bjorkland #2111381

2.  Keep your property in the family if possible. I heard of a man recently who bought his parents' homestead back after it had changed owners several times. His children were able to have some of the family history at their feet. If you have substantial property, be sure to hand it down to your children so that they can have a home and a place to belong and raise their families there. You can help other people with the same sentiments get their own property by selling to them, privately, without interest.

Many people who had homesteads in the 1940's and 50's thought that property would be always be easily acquired, so they did not hand down their property to their children. Many grown children, having been educated in government schools and liberal colleges, came home with different values than their parents and did not see the need to keep private property. If you have a home in a neighborhood, it is valuable as private property. Taking care of it and keeping it from heavy mortgages is a way of keeping your right to private property. I have also heard that there are ways of getting the original deeds on property to secure it.

“Coming Home” by Christa Kieffer, from, # 858580

Family property needs to be regarded for its personal and historic value rather than its resale value. Plan early to have something for your children, and do all you can to keep it debt-free.

Keep and protect personal property in the form of heirlooms, photographs, furniture, and art for your children, making note of where it came from and who owned it. Help your children to appreciate the past by having some of these things in your home. Seek out elderly relatives who can tell you about your family's history. Learning about the sacrifices they made is an important part of preserving our history, our families, and our property.

Whether you are propertied or not, make your dwelling place beautiful with personal family touches inside and out. Make the home an expression of yourself and your family's personal beliefs.

Express the Christian value of personal responsibility by making your home and gardens neat, clean, and as lovely as possible. When we are not good stewards of our property, we risk the danger of it being removed from us in some way. Deterioration of property can cause debt, attract thieves, and create danger to people around us. Neglected property, whether we rent or own it, sends a message that we don't care about our environment. Neglecting property is poor citizenship and a bad influence on the family. Caring for it expresses gratitude, no matter how small it is. Even if you do not own your home, treating rental property as if it were your own, and taking care of it, will find favor with the owners. Many people have been able to own their own homes just because a landlord was impressed with their willingness to look after the property. Children are members of the family and should be taught to care for the family property. It will increase their desire to protect it.

“Grandma's Collectibles” by Carolyn Watson, #146090

Keep photograph albums, diaries, and other memorabilia of your family and your dwelling place. It is still common to see photographs from the 1800's showing families standing outside in front of their homes, as if they felt their property was part of their family. My daughter peeked into her grandmother's diary and found an entry that said, "Today I finished my embroidered pillowcases, done in purple and green." Now she knew where the pillowcases came from that had been handed down to her and who made them.

3. Inheritance of property is a Biblical example that helps the next generation get on their feet without debt. "A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children" (Proverbs 13:22). The right to inheritance should be protected and restored in our country. Cast your vote for the candidates who believe in protecting inheritance. Parents and grandparents enjoy passing on their wealth to their descendents, and they would rather keep it in the family than give it to the state.

“American Parade 1917” by George Sheriden Knowles, #1363668

4. Be Patriotic in ways other than just getting teary-eyed when the national anthem plays. Patriotism is the love of your country to the point that you do what you can to keep it dignified. People do not realize that when they allow carelessness in their standards of dress, standards of speech, standards of behavior and manners, worship habits, respect for property, etc. that it can harm their country.

A country is more than a piece of land or a continent. It is a history and a belief. America would not be America were it not for its true history and the beliefs that make it America. Some of the words of the song, " America the Beautiful" express more accurately the religious beliefs that embody our country. These beliefs are also embraced by many other countries around the world that use the Bible as the foundation for their governments:

America, America, God mend thine every flaw,

Confirm they soul in self control,

Thy liberty in law.

America, America, May God thy gold refine,

Till all success be nobleness,

And every gain divine!

Teach the next generation that liberty is only liberty when governed by self control and rooted in the law of the Bible. Freedom is not the license to do whatever a person pleases. It is only freedom if it is tempered by self control and respect for others. They should know that we have the freedom to do what is right and good. 

“Daily Bread,” #412476

There was a student newspaper circulated with a huge curse word on the headline. Someone defended it by saying it was a civil right to express themselves and that it was part of the freedom of speech clause in the Constitution. Our forefathers never intended for a free press or free speech to mean polluting our country with vile, useless, insulting speech. The freedom of speech was intended to allow the gospel to be spread and good things to be accomplished, unhindered. Foul, primitive speech does not make a great nation.

Children need to know that the gold spoken of in “ America, the Beautiful” refers to the spiritual riches of nobility, truth, integrity, respect for God, and many other character qualities. Every "gain" must be for the purpose of pleasing God: every gain must be for a noble purpose; every gain divine. Without it, no one will understand what the flag represents or what our country stands for. "May God thy gold refine" means to refine the character with qualities of purity, loveliness, strength and goodness.

“Garden Path” by Michael Humphries, #807508

You can be politically active by being patriotic in the biblical character qualities that make a nation strong. True patriotism means to care more for a principle than for money, status, or social acceptance.

Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, implored the nation to build her future on the Word of God. "That book, Sir," he said, is the Rock upon which our republic rests."

“Faith” by Arthur Hughes,, #1998934

5. Renew your faith and rededicate your life to Christ. In doing so, be determined, even to the point of being stubborn, to be faithful in worship and Christian duty. Stand for the right, no matter what the cost. I once heard several people talking about how hard it was to get to church on Sunday. One said that just about the time she got ready, there was an emergency. Another one said the car would not start. Another one stated that her relatives would drop by. The last one said, "I guess I'm just too stubborn. I insisted on honoring my Lord on the Lord's Day early in my life, and eventually, friends and relatives knew better than to interfere."

Many families have kept their children from having stable church families just because of their own neglect and lack of conscientiousness. Not having consistent worship habits, girls and boys have grown up deprived of the church relationships that would support them in times of need, from their weddings, the birth of their children, and in their spiritual hardships.

“Going to Church” by G.H. Boughton, #1865949

As a preacher's wife of 36 years, I have observed the way people will run to the church when they are in trouble, but when the church members sacrifice their time and give of their means to help and the pressures cease, the ones who asked for help forget the Lord, Who rescued them, and go back to neglecting the assembling of themselves. It is a sad reflection of a culture that has a sense of entitlement: they want to take more than they give.

When children turn 18, a little bird seems to tell them they don't have to go to church any more. After all the effort their parents made to see that they understood the privilege of worship, these children forget to pay the Lord, their parents, and the congregation back for their efforts.

“The Journey to Emmaus” by Robert Zund, #1779544

Young adults should strive to make churches multi-generational by replicating their parents and bringing their own children up with good worship habits. Besides this, they need to have enough Bible knowledge to recognize the error of the many vain philosophies that turn our children's hearts from the truth and make churches weak.

Do more than just go to church; live the standards of the Bible . Do not make the mistake of thinking that, since you go to church, your children will learn these standards. In the morning, mothers can read a verse to their children and discuss it, and in the evening, fathers can do the same. Every aspect of Christian living should be discussed in the family, so that children are aptly warned about ruining their lives and sufficiently encouraged to conduct themselves with wisdom. They should learn how to think, how to act, and how to speak according to Biblical values.

  The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them is thy servant warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward. Psalm 19:8-11

Sunday Church” by Bob Desantis, #927608

Your desire to follow the Biblical standards in life will never take hold as long as you are sending your children to the public schools. After five days of such indoctrination, you cannot expect them to be interested in church on Sunday. Nor can one hour of church reinforce the biblical standards you desire for your children. The schools have control of your children's minds for more hours in the week, making it impossible to compete in the battle for the mind. 

Reading to His Family” by Tony Johannot, #1590286

I have often said that my mother and father, who raised seven children in the wilderness, had a much easier time protecting us from the four-legged beasts like bears and weasels, than I did, raising only three children, with the influence on all sides of us, from the two-legged, undermining teachers of the gospel of humanism.  It is a battle we cannot win if we send our children to the government schools to be taught. Yes, there are fine, Christian teachers in the public schools, but they are being used as facilitators of a greater agenda, involving these seven things.

I cannot imagine the children of Israel sending their children to the Philistines to be taught even reading or writing. We must be concerned about what a child reads, because of the impact it will have on his mind. We are to love God with all our minds, not only our souls. Teaching children ourselves at home gives us greater control and freedom over their reading material, which will influence them for life.

“Southern Hospitality” by Kevin Liang, #1112528

Live the Christian life by making sure that you do your part to show hospitality and generally use your talents to serve others, whether it be helping young women to have beautiful homes, or sending care packages in the mail. Women at home doing things like this make a tremendous political statement about their religion and deal a blow to those who are trying to shut down Christian expression.

“Quaker Wedding” by J. Walter, #1880988

6. Work hard at having an old-fashioned marriage with one husband and one wife for a lifetime. This example alone makes an enormous political statement that flies in the face of the progressive political agenda. Defend the concept of marriage, but also defend your own marriage. There are always darts and arrows aimed at creating conflict between husbands and wives. Husbands should never say anything about their wives or their marriages to others that sounds discouraging or demeaning, and wives should not portray their husbands as oppressors or inconsiderate or unmanly.

One such example is the man who tells his co-worker that he isn't able to make ends meet with his salary. His co-worker asks him, "Is your wife working?" to which he replies, "No, she is at home." Then the friend answers smugly, "Well, there is your problem. Your wife needs to do something."

Another example is when the wife tells her friend how she is cutting back on the use of electricity by turning off lights and heat in unused rooms. The friend says, "Why don't you get a job?" and the woman answers, "My husband wants me home." The friend then says, "I would never put up with a dictator husband like that. If he let you got a job, you wouldn't have to worry about things like that."

These kinds of reactions can break down the respect that people have for women at home. Husbands and wives need to practice careful wording when explaining the reason for the wife being home. People today are looking for cracks in the Christian marriage and in the different roles of men and women that we portray. Therefore, we need to be careful to word our message in a way that portrays the husband or wife in a positive light:

"I'm glad my wife is at home. She saves us a lot of money just by not having the extra expenses of daycare and gasoline. More importantly, I have a real home to return to after dealing with work all day. The children are also taught the values we believe in."

"I am happy my husband is convicted about being the provider. I could never manage without his support. I am learning how to keep from putting extra expense on him so that we can double our money. I stay home because I am trying to make my life fall in line with the teachings of Christ and His will for the family."

“Mother and Child” c. 1885 by Francis Coates Jones, #377172

I have seen terrible misunderstandings created just by the way people portray their own husbands or wives to those who are proponents of the feminist beliefs. We can do a lot to alleviate the pressures from the outside world just by being careful to show our marriages in a good light and not revealing our personal problems to those who do not believe in the distinctively different roles of men and women in the marriage.

“The Patio” by George Bjorkland, #925444

There is also a political effort to eliminate the need for marriage, home, and family. Some proponents of this would like for us all to live in institutions, divided by age groups or special interests, but God created the family to be one man, one woman, and their children. Only a few years ago, the grandparents and great-grandparents lived in houses on the same property as the family, where they were safe and protected. Today, there are those who want the elderly cared for by the state and not by the family, but the home is the only God-given institution that provides for the family from cradle to grave. There are those who want the government to take over this function.


Andrew Jackson seventh American President, #2290186

  7. Vote for the candidates who intend to thwart the Federal Reserve, a private banking system that is neither federal nor reserve and that charges enormous usury, keeping the government and individuals in debt forever. It took over the printing of American money and charges us interest to use it. It is now trying to take over the U.S. Mint, which does not belong to it, in which we mint our own coins, which are debt-free. Although this bill seems "dead on the floor" of Congress, these people are patient and persistent and will present it again and again until they wear the politicians down enough to get it passed. They may use the old tactic of attaching it to a bill that will pass, or a bill that is very appealing, in order to gain control of all U.S. money minting ability. # 413049

  This banking system that is not owned or controlled by Congress and is accountable to no one, has kept our nation in debt and made it impossible for young families to have the "American Dream" of their own little house with property. Because of their usury, many women are forced to go to work. Feminists and liberals, who are always saying they are for eliminating poverty and inequality, need to seriously take a look at how this banking system that has taken over money that does not belong to them, creates more poverty and inequality among women. #1704882

When Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) went to France, he was asked by the international bankers ( a banking firm that "takes care" of other people's money, loans it out to yet other people, and charges exorbitant usury, clearly in violation of the Bible) why the American colonies were so prosperous. He answered them, "It is because we own our own money and we circulate it freely so that commerce can easily flow." The international bankers were determined to get control of America's money, and they did. One of the vows of these bankers was that they would never work, but would live off other people's work. This, too, is in direct violation of the scripture.

All that has to be done is to root them out again, as President Andrew Jackson did during his years in office (1829-1837). The effects of him getting rid of the bankers were felt for 75 years afterwards, during which America experienced its greatest strength and prosperity, invention, and religious revival.

To learn more about this, you can get an excellent video that is well documented, and even suitable for homeschool children, about the money system. I have seen this film, and it is excellent. It is called " The Money Masters, " and it explains chronologically how international bankers gained control over  America. It can actually be watched entirely online, but owning it is like having a visual history book. It makes understanding the complicated way the Federal Reserves manages money much easier. Our grandchildren have watched this film and understand what is happening to our money and why we must be independent of the international bankers and their exorbitant interest.

This private firm also uses the money they make in interest to finance wars between nations, to force countries into borrowing from them and into debt, so that they can ultimately take over the money. Countries that are not debtor nations to this bank are targeted for political strife in order to force them to borrow from the international bank. They use money to create racial strife, strife between men and women, strife in churches, and much more. They also finance many government policies that corrode the family, the home, and marriage. They finance all seven of the items listed above:

The abolishment of all ordered government
2) The abolishment of all private property
3) The abolishment of all inheritance
4) The abolishment of all patriotism
5) The abolishment of all religion
6) The abolishment of all family and marriage
7) The creation of a World Government or World Order- to take the place of all of the above things that had been abolished

There is a popular form of economics called Keynesian economics, which replaced Biblical economics in our country, that keeps us endlessly in debt, paying higher and higher interest rates. You can make a great political change in our economics by returning to the Biblical standards of handling finances.

Families can also vote for the candidates who stand for the sanctity of life and the preservation of marriage between one man and one woman. The way a candidate feels about life often affects his approach to economics.

Ask your local candidates some hard questions such as, "What are you going to do about the Federal Reserve?" This banking system, which sounds so "official," is nothing more than a few greedy people who want to enslave the rest of society. They are the ones behind all seven of the goals listed at the beginning of this article. They have been rooted out before, due to a very brave president, and with the will of informed people today and the effect of the Internet, they can be rooted out once more to give our children and children's children a chance to live in freedom once again--the kind of freedom our forefathers bravely established when the country was first founded.

“Cozy Cabin” by Judy Gibson, #913645

World changes begin at home. The home exerts more power than the family realizes. That is why there are so many pressures against it. The best thing to do is to live your life abundantly and enjoy all that God has given you, appreciating the love and beauty around you, and being the wife and homemaker you really want to be. That is politics enough.

The Bible says that there are seven things that the Lord hates: a proud look, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that are swift in running to mischief, a false witness that speaks lies, and he that sows discord among brethren (Proverbs 6:16). The elitist group, in the form of various organizations, embraces these in order to complete their agenda of seven goals to dominate and control us. Women at home can stand in the way of these goals and be more politically active just by being wives, mothers, homemakers, practicing Bible precepts, teaching their children, solidifying their marriages, and attending worship services.

“Victorian Lady, White Dress” by John O'Brien #347692

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