22 Ways to Raise a Home-Wrecker

Posted By on June 14, 2013

Surefire ways to equip your daughter to be a future home-wrecker.

Read them here.

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One Response to “22 Ways to Raise a Home-Wrecker”

  1. irisT says:

    why ist it, that is post is adressed on girls only? Most mariages that faill in my surroundings do that because of a homewrecker man.
    Never at home(no not for work, but for hanging out with the lads), donot help around the house, eventhough he hasnot got a job and his wife had a baby 2 days ago, disrespectfull to his wife, sometimes abusive. And for out of marriage sex, which they claim they couldnot help “becuase the co worker dressed unmoddest”

    So perhaps mommies it is time to raise the sons as good men….

    and to ad a little comment: every woman in a good mariage i know has time away from the family. Be it at 4 in the morning (thats me) or late at night..our even if the children have nap time.. Every woman i know needs to get a way from family and be alone… with the bible and the lord. So getting away from the family now and then doesnot make you a home wrecker;-)

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