5 Secrets to Make a Marriage Last

Posted By on June 16, 2010

We love reading Ann Voskamp’s tender, beautiful words. She always writes from the heart and with humility and love. This piece on marriage is a great jumping-off place if you’ve never read Ann’s blog (just be warned–you can get immersed quickly and spend half a night joyfully drowning in her beautiful prose!):

On the fourth day of our honeymoon, he’s ready to get back to work and we come home three days early and he goes back to the barn and I unpack the wedding gifts in an empty kitchen.

I cry ugly, shoulders shuddering and tears dripping off the end of my nose, because I just know.

I married the wrong man.

For the first year after the vows, I am certain of this.

He goes to bed every night before eight and I sit up in the dark twisting my gold band and he likes his oatmeal boiled in milk, drapes his Levis over a chair chair in the bedroom and his idea of fun is beading up threads of sweat and mine is typeset on yellowed pages, and I don’t know who to talk to about all the ideas multiplying in my head and he is so quiet and we argue awkward, sit in this thick silence and I hurt and I don’t know if he loves me or loves me not.

All that is enduring and great happens slow, the inconspicuous revolution, and marriage is a long maturing.

Read the rest over here. Wonderful stuff!

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Mrs. Chancey is the mother of 12 children, all of whom keep the household bubbling with life, learning, and levity. Jennie co-founded LAF in 2002 with Lydia Sherman and has been delighted to hear from women all over the world who enjoy their femininity and love to cultivate womanly virtues.


6 Responses to “5 Secrets to Make a Marriage Last”

  1. L. Rose says:

    That was a nice article. It has a comfy, cozy flair.

  2. Mrs. Parunak says:

    This is so very, very beautiful! I love everything you write, Ann, but this one is especially good: deep, encouraging truth!

  3. Renee Stam says:

    simply beautiful, well written and full a good advices, thanks for sharing!

  4. Renee Stam says:

    Love it! and love the way she writes too!!!!

  5. Chante says:

    That reminded me of those other two sayings of married love in Song of Solomon…

  6. Chante says:

    This was a very good reminder of some key elements in a mariage that works.

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