A Maiden Going to the Sacrifice

Posted By on December 13, 2011

I have been reading through J.R. Miller’s Homemaking lately, and I must say that it is one of the most poetically written books on the function of the home that I have ever read. The words in it are precious, and it makes my heart swell to feel the attitude of love this book was written in.

When I first read the quote below, I almost cried!  It tugged on my heart and poured a conviction on me that was overwhelming. The message it is conveying is one that is incredibly true, but the illustration that J.R. Miller gives, is priceless.

“The young maiden goes smiling and singing to the marriage altar.  Does she know that if she has not Christ with her she is as a lamb going to the sacrifice?  Let her tarry at the gateway till she has linked her life to Him who is the first and the last.  Human love is very precious, but it is not enough to satisfy a heart.  There will be trials, there will be perplexities, there will be crosses and disappointments, there will be solicitudes and sorrows.  Then none but Christ will be sufficient.

How phenomenal is that?!  Honestly, the depths to which this reaches entirely amazes me! We, as young women, think that if we can run a home, we are somehow prepared to be married…but there is so much more to it than that. We have a noble calling; but we need to ask ourselves what the purpose of that calling is. This statement made me take a step back and evaluate the extent of my dependence on Jesus for fulfillment.  Even though I cling to Him for my redemption, do I cling to Him for everything else, or do I rely on my own abilities? Do I look to the Lord to fulfill all my needs in life, or do I think that I somehow possess the power to accomplish everything I need to get done?  If I were to be married tomorrow, would I have strove for that union in my own strength, or would I have trusted and rested in the arms of my beloved Savior to accomplish that work on His watch?

Would I be as a lamb going to the sacrifice?

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Mrs. Chancey is the mother of 12 children, all of whom keep the household bubbling with life, learning, and levity. Jennie co-founded LAF in 2002 with Lydia Sherman and has been delighted to hear from women all over the world who enjoy their femininity and love to cultivate womanly virtues.


5 Responses to “A Maiden Going to the Sacrifice”

  1. Lori says:

    This is why I think it is SO important that the older women teach the younger women. I had no one teach me and struggled for 23 years! The church has failed young women in this area and we, older women, need to start teaching them as you are doing!

  2. SusanneT says:

    Sorry to be trivial but isn’t the word “maiden” lovely ! You so rarely hear it a sad reflection on how the virtues of maidenhood are regarded.

    Lovely post.

  3. SusanneT says:

    The reason (all) Churches fail young women on matters of morality, lifestyle, gender roles, purity and dress is that they don’t want to offend feminists or imply that women are in-equal (for which read the same as men).

    I agree it is a tragedy !

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, Mrs. Chancey and Shelby. The reminder that daughters/women are a picture of the Bride of Christ and are to sacrifice themselves in marriage is so needed.

  5. naturefleur says:

    I appreciate this post as it’s something I have been exploring and considering as a married women with children.

    I agree with Lori, the commenter above, that it can be helpful in so many ways to have mentors, or supportive women in our lives, to help us understand our roles as women, wives and mothers or just how to do the basics of day-to-day homemaking skills. It is a responsibility we will be accountable for if we neglect to pass on our wisdom and experience when it’s our turn to do so.

    I do know that, ultimately, there is One who can teach us all things, even when it comes to the little things. Much of the way that happens is *through* other women, but if that is not possible for some reason, He does have other ways of reaching our need, through the holy spirit, in a personal way. That is a truth I know for myself and find peace in. I share that as a way of encouragement for anyone feeling discouraged when there are not those helpful women mentors available or perhaps another sense of loss related to that.

    Going along with what you posted, Jennie C., this quote really encapsulates it for me and reminds me of where I can look to draw my strength and lasting sense of fulfillment from. It takes many reminders for me–I am still learning!

    “Often we set our minds on some one thing we think will make us happy-a husband, children a particular job, or even a ministry-and refuse to open our eyes to God’s better way. In fact, some believe so strongly that only ‘this thing’ can bring happiness, that they reject the Lord Jesus Himself. Happiness is not found in marriage; or work; or ministry; or children. Happiness is only found by being secure in Jesus.”

    –Corrie Ten Boom

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