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Posted By on April 5, 2010

Perhaps the greatest peace, the most overwhelming  joy came to me shortly after I came home from my job as a school teacher to be with my children. I remember inhaling the sheer span of time in my morning, giddy over the fact that I didn’t have to snap, “Hurry up” or some other time-induced command at my little ones who had barely learned to tie their shoes.

I woke up, stretched, believed the sun streaming into my window to be more lovely than ever before, and it hit me: this is what I was created for. That was the answer to a question I had carried–never asked, mind you, but carried around in my heart for years. With the whole day–no, a whole lifetime in front of me, I could finally focus all my energies and passions into the one thing I knew mattered more than any earthly thing: my home and the people contained therein.

I heard someone say, “Nature hates a vacuum”, and it is true; our lives–our hearts and souls will fill themselves with something. But unless that something is the thing for which we were designed, it never satisfies.

So as a young mother, I realized that my good grades, my gold graduation stoles, my diploma–all those things had left me incomplete. But God, in His mercy, showed me that my desire to make a difference, to shape the world and to change those around me were desires He gave me, but the way to fulfill them was also His plan.

Today, nine years later, I have poured out my heart in gratitude more than a couple of times to the Lord for tugging at my heart and bringing me into this sphere of life where my joy is complete, and where I daily find the Kingdom work before me, looming larger than I am, yet met with the same power of the Almighty that led Moses across the Red Sea.

“Faithful is He who called you Who also will do it.”

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Kelly Crawford is wife to Aaron and mother to 8 children. They operate a home business together besides living a very normal, busy life, by God's grace and a non-optional cup of coffee every morning. You can browse Kelly's website at Generation Cedar for more articles and the tools they sell to help equip families striving to live for God's glory. Drop in and say "hi"!


2 Responses to “Home: Created for This”

  1. Rhetorica says:

    I too am a school teacher, and the more I teach, the more I realize that I will not be sending my kids to school. Even a great teacher cannot overcome the need to hurry, to work at a pace that is average for all and custom for none. This year will be my last year, so that I can be home with our one-year-old and all the kids yet to come.

    Thanks for the beautiful words to think about. I really liked, ” where I daily find the Kingdom work before me, looming larger than I am, yet met with the same power of the Almighty that led Moses across the Red Sea.”

  2. happytobeklb says:

    “Faithful is He who called you Who also will do it.”

    SO TRUE! I worked in retail as a supervisor while also attending college. Neither of those things were satisfying to me. I was a wife, not yet a mother; but I could feel the Lord leading me into that next phase of life. The life of a homemaker.

    I doubted God. I couldn’t see how it would work out financially. But He is incredibly faithful!! He has provided a way for me to stay home with our now 13 month old baby boy, and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s challenging and sometimes frustrating, but I’d never want to be anywhere else. No college degree or career could ever make me this happy! It’s what I was created for.

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