It Doesn’t Come Naturally~9 Ways to Teach Our Children Contentment

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From The Good Life

Shakespeare said, “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have a thankless child!” It’s true. If there’s one sin in my own children’s lives that tempts me to sin, it is ingratitude. “Look at all that God has done for you!” “How can you be so ungrateful, murmuring about what you don’t have while forgetting the bounty of His goodness?”

And I’d like them to master contentment in five easy lessons.

But here I am still learning it myself, as evidenced by the ease with which I think hard thoughts of God or forget yesterday’s mercies or dismiss today’s provision.

We work hard to teach our children many things, and yet, we forget that contentment must be learned, too. It is a lifelong battle, for surely as the Holy Spirit has sanctified us in one area, and we’ve made our peace with a trial or an illness or another thorn in our side, He will faithfully show us other ways in which we are thankless children of God. We complain about our children’s complaining and then throw those quiet temper tantrums in our hearts because God is not doing what we think is best for us.

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