Mercatornet: How one Nairobi woman saves young mothers from the pressure to abort

Posted By on April 12, 2017

Domitila Ayot is a humble heroine of the slums.

All Anne* wanted when she left her poor home in rural Kenya after finishing high school in 2014 was to make some money in Nairobi so she could go back, clear her fees, and redeem her certificate so she could apply for college.

But in late 2016, she hadn’t made enough money yet. She was still living in a low-income neighbourhood of Nairobi with her elder sister, who worked at a local restaurant to support her family, alcoholic husband included. Moreover, Anne was pregnant. The father of the child, a college student, threatened to abandon her if she didn’t abort. In short, life had put her in a corner, and she didn’t have too many choices.

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