Opportunity knocks

Posted By on July 16, 2010

So, early yesterday morning, while most of the neighborhood was still abed, the boy next door headed out to work. He was sleepy and nervous about his new job and not used to the blind spot in his just acquired Blazer and… well… this was the result. The front quarter of the aforementioned Blazer looks almost as bad.

Smashing into my car was Dumb Thing Number 1 that Joe did yesterday. Not noticing the village maintenance men who were working on the street was Dumb Thing Number 2. And driving off without even looking back.. well, that was Really Dumb Thing Number 3.

(To read about the rest of Joe’s morning read here..)

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Diane Shiffer is a single homeschooling mom who is passionately in love with her Savior. She is gradually gaining victory over her apron addiction and hopes to catch up with her family's laundry sometime within the next decade. She covets your prayers.


3 Responses to “Opportunity knocks”

  1. L. Rose says:

    You do such a nice job of writing. Congratulations on your new business. You do such lovely sewing work.

  2. Mrs. Eva H. says:

    I absolutely love your articles. How I wish we lived closer and I could learn from you.

  3. Thank you so much L. Rose. You know how I value your opinion:-)

    and Eva, how kind you are! Your comment just made my day, truly♥

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