Praising Others is Not Optional – by Sam Crabtree

Posted By on March 30, 2013

Some of the most gracious women I have met understand this principle. They are surrounded by faithful, trustworthy family and friends who are supportive of their families, their work and their ministries. How much can making praise a part of our character lend toward the building of functioning families, churches, communities and further? Try it and find out.

Sam Crabtree explains well how we can avoid tearing down our relationships, households, churches or where ever we wag our tongues.

A rash word is like a sword thrust (Proverbs 12:18). It only takes a moment to cut somebody with a sword, but it takes a long time to heal, and is aided by ointment, and even then it might leave a scar. Affirmations are like ointment that can assist the healing.

When we don’t affirm those around us enough, they stop hearing our corrections, eventually stop listening to us altogether, and perhaps become oppositional toward us. Conversely, affirmations gain a hearing for us. The principle is this: people tend to be influenced by those who praise them. It’s true in marriages, families, classrooms, churches, and even true in our relationship with God, for what does he inhabit? Answer: the praises of his people.

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