Prayer For Homekeepers

Posted By on August 12, 2010

Humbly I bow before You Father
On my bended knees I pray.
Matters of my heart are many, I have so much to say.
Encouragement my sister she needs,
Keeping her home with a family she feeds.
Embracing the changes occurring in her life,
Everyday she’s serving as a mother and trying to be a virtuous wife.
Please Lord give her the strength to endure,
Even in her darkest hour You’re there for sure.
Remind her of the great job she’s doing,
Still on today Lord, let her hear You wooing.

By: Sandra King
Written on January 11, 2005

There are times I’ve neglected the most important relationship in my life–my relationship with the Lord. No, I haven’t fallen off the band wagon or run away from home to go find myself. But, as a keeper of my home, my days are filled with the many tasks that are set before me. I’ll admit that days have gone by without me stopping to talk with the Lord. What I mean is, I can go without days going into my prayer closet. That secret place where I can just pour my love on the Lord.

When my husband makes a request for me to spend time with him, I’m quick to respond to his needs. What about the Lord? I must take the time to spend and go into that secret place. How can I do that with the kids and my husband wanting my full undivided attention? Let’s not forget the house that needs to be tended to and meals that need to be prepared.

This morning I went to that secret place. Although physically I didn’t go,  my heart was there. While making blueberry muffins and eggs this morning, my heart just became full. Full of love for my Heavenly Father who just wanted to talk to me even in the midst of making breakfast for my family. I stopped for just a quick minute and shared with the Lord out of a heart with gratitude. So much gratitude that words of expression couldn’t flow from my lips. God knew that my words were few, but the tears were many. Expressions from a heart so in love with Him. Not only for what He has done, but for who He is.

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