Single And Not Waiting

Posted By on November 6, 2013

I’m 23, I just graduated from university, and I’m single.

Many of my friends are married, and a few are starting to have children. And I feel as if I just graduated from high school again. You could say my life is in transition. And it’s true; I am in the middle of shifting myself from university to the career world. But I’ve started to wonder about whether it’s right to refer to my singleness as an in-between stage.

What exactly am I in-between again?

“It’s the first day of the rest of my life.” I recently I heard someone on TV say this about her wedding day, and it really bothered me. While I don’t want to discount the gift of marriage, I must say I’m a bit confused and frustrated with this sentiment. I’ve heard the cliché before, but I suddenly felt the weight of it. As if it equates marriage as the start of life, or at least the good part.

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  1. Hobbit says:

    Another article I came across recently, and which covers similar territory to this one, can be found here:

    To be honest, the misbeliefs which this article and the Relevant magazine article are seeking to correct, actually come straight from the way we promote marriage & family life as being the goal of a good Christian. If our young people are brought up to expect that they will marry, it is hardly a surprise that if they end up single, they struggle to cope with it. I really do think that in our promotion and encouragement of family life (and this is something which needs doing), we need to couch it in such a way that if people do end up single, they are at least prepared for it. And one thing we must *not* do – as some courtship teaching has done – is make marriage a reward for “good behaviour” as a teenager.

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