The Law of Kindness – Grudges and Generosity

Posted By on April 15, 2013

Pro 31:26  She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

What does Proverb 31:26 look like in practice for a women who desires to walk in righteousness? At the heart of every sinner is a feminist and as we leave off the old man and put on the new it’s helpful to have illustrated the contrast of the ugliness of sin and the beauty of the new creation. Here’s an excellent article which contrasts our sin with our duty, in part, and instructs us as we examine our Heavenly Father’s relationship with His children.

“God has given us a mouth to speak, a heart to feel, and gospel joy to share. He has taken away every excuse for not spreading gospel grace in our words every day to those around us (Ephesians 4:29).

So what corks the flow of grace speech to others?

One answer is grudges. Not always big grudges, like the ones we hold towards those who have wronged us personally. The kinds of grudges that hinder our generosity are typically subtle ones, grudges towards those who seem less significant than us, or grudges towards those who seem more significant than us. Either way, we like to compare ourselves with others. We withhold grace like a miser withholds money. We are natural-born begrudgers.”

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    What a wonderful article! I greatly enjoyed it. However, it seems that the colon has been left out of the link.–2

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