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“What’s wrong with women nowadays?” is a question that many other women may ask after seeing grown women who are angry, cruel, and seemingly unable to be very good wives and mothers.  Maybe these women argue with their own children like children themselves; maybe these women are hollering at their husbands or boyfriends; maybe these women are griping about many things.  What is “wrong” with many of these women is that they are terribly, terribly frustrated.  It is not up to us who have found the keys to overcoming womanly frustration to judge these women, but to offer to help them.

Have you found the keys to preventing or overcoming the frustrations that many women face nowadays?  Have you found the paths to peace, understanding, and wisdom as a wife, mother, and woman?  Is your marriage blissful?  Are your children respectful, (some) older, obedient, and real gems?  Do you reach out your hands to the poor and needy, look well to the ways of your household, and above all respect and obey the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?  Do you have great understanding and compassion towards other women?  If you answered yes to these questions, you have what it takes to be a Master’s Social Worker.  You have the skills, knowledge, and understanding to provide a great deal of healing to many women in our society.

If you answered yes to some of the questions or have very young children at the time, but have a heart to excel in all areas above, then you are earning your degree in The Master’s Social Work.  Don’t worry, don’t rush it; it takes time, patience, much study, prayer, thought, and good works in one’s own home and life to become a full-fledged Master’s Social Worker.  It actually takes the majority of women about twenty years of on-the-job training to carefully be able to reach out to younger women.  This is because we have to give our own fruit trees (our families) time to mature so that we can rightfully tell our trees by their fruits.  If we have excelled, if we have made it and are following the same path of success with our younger children, we’re ready to wisely work teaching others.

If you are a woman who is among the frustrated, please have hope.  If you seek and pray for the way to overcome this frustration, if you ask God for the information and help you need to overcome with a sincere heart, He will answer your prayers.

About Teaching Others

Let us keep in mind that such frustrated women as written about in the first paragraph, while they may be hurting others by their words and actions, are hurting themselves and hurting inside, too. Many of these women have no idea that this is happening or why, all they know is on some level, something is very wrong.  We must seek understanding to help such women.  We have to be open-minded and open-hearted.  We have to have compassion.  We also have to have wisdom.  We have to be gentle yet strong of heart, serious yet friendly, when teaching such women.  This is an art and skill learned by mothering, and it takes years of practice in mothering before being able to apply these skills to teaching others.  God has blessed us with children as our teachers in many courses of His Master Social Workers’ degree program!

Developmental Neglect

One very important thing to understand about many women in America nowadays is that many of them have grown up in homes of developmental neglect.  Their developmental needs while growing up were not met.  The only one to really meet all of a child’s developmental needs is a child’s mother who is home full-time and who pays close attention to her child.  Many women simply did not have this.

Developmental neglect in children is a severe handicap–one that most human beings never fully overcome.  Sure, adults can live with the handicap and make it, some even doing very well in life, but there are most always pieces missing that can’t be put back.  We’ll never know just how many pieces are missing in America, but we can all plainly see that many of our citizens are broken.  Understanding developmental needs and how to not neglect them takes on-the-job training as a mother and much study and application in love.  We must devote ourselves to our children’s nurture and care–and they need oodles of it–to fully understand and meet their developmental needs, and through learning this with our own children, can reach out to others in the years to come and help guide them in this.  This is extremely important to all human beings, and it’s our job, as God-respecting women, to teach it.

God’s Word is the excellent text for gaining this understanding and love.  A great place to start in this study is by reading a Proverb every day of the month, every month, and every year.  In months with less than thirty-one days, schedule to read two or more verses as many days as needed the last week of the month to get all of The Proverbs.

Gender Disorder

Another very important thing to understand is that many of today’s women grew up in homes and most certainly in our society where there was gender disorder.  There were no clear divisions of duties and roles between fathers and mothers, husbands and wives, sons and daughters.  Gender disorder causes utter chaos and disruption.  It is impossible in a gender disordered home to have peace and happiness on more than a fleeting, come and go level.  Most children who grow up in such homes spend their lives trying to live the gender that God created them, yet taking on and living with characteristics the belong to the other sex.  It is madness and frustration, and many ladies in our land don’t even know it or what’s wrong, all they know is that something is wrong, and they can’t even place what it is to try to fix it.

As older women, as Master’s Social Workers, we are to teach these women about being women, wives, and mothers.  We must teach them the differences between women and men and how the two can live together as man and wife in beautiful harmony.

Our Time is Now

We must teach younger women to build their homes on the rock solid foundation of God’s order for families.  Any other way for God-respecting Americans is a way to destruction.  What is wrong is wrong, and though very few are trying to make it right, let us not be guilty of such, but let us teach other women the ways to construct rather than destruct themselves and their families.  As we help build each family in love and goodness, we are helping build our nation.  We are helping build the world.  We are The Master’s Social Workers.

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