The New Church Lady

Posted By on February 10, 2014

996210538_2288004dd0We had a group discussion with some church friends recently and this question was presented..
Do you all feel that Christians are known more for what they stand against or what they stand for?
Everyone agreed that for the most part- Christians are known for what they stand against.
As someone who has lived well over half of her life scared to death of Christians and especially the infamous “church lady” –  I remember vividly what it was like to be unchurched and unsaved and un- everything.
Like it was yesterday.
I wanted nothing to do with Christianity and the church and their Jesus.
And I had a long list of reasons but they made it abundantly clear that there was a series of events I
had to go through before He would ever be mine.
It seemed as though I was living in the land of “you have sinned and you are going to burn in hell” – where I belonged mind you, and all of the church ladies were living life high on the hog by way of the front row and never having sex before their wedding night.
I can remember pulling into church parking lots again and again and sitting there bawling my eyes out as I watched married couple after married couple walk inside the holy doors of we have it all together -sorry about your luck.

I never had the courage to actually go inside.
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