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Posted By on November 18, 2013

Satan’s Devices to Draw the Soul to Sin

(12 Devices and their Remedies)

  1. To Present The Bait And Hide The Hook
  2. Painting Sin With Virtue’s Colors
  3. By Extenuating And Lessening Of Sin
  4. By Presenting To The Soul The Best Men’s Sins, And By Hiding From The Soul Their Virtues; By Showing The Souls Their Sins, And by hiding from  the soul their sorrows and repentance as by setting before the soul adultery of David the pride of Hezakiah, the impatience of Job, the drunkenness of Noah, the blasphemy of Peter, etc. and by hiding from the souls the tears the sighs the groans the meltings the humblings and repentings of these precious souls.
  5. To Present God To The Soul As One Made Up All Of Mercy
  6. By Persuading The Soul That The Work Of Repentance Is An Easy Work
  7. By Making The Soul Bold To Venture Upon The Occasions Of Sin
  8. By Representing To The Soul The Outward Mercies That Vain Men Enjoy, And Outward Miseries That They Are Freed From, While They have Walked In The Ways Of Sin.
  9. By Presenting To The Soul The Crosses, Losses, Reproaches, Sorrows, And Sufferings, Which Daily Attend Those Who Walk In The Ways Of Holiness.
  10. By Working Them To Be Frequent In Comparing Themselves And Their Ways, With Those Who Are Reputed Or Reported To Be Worse Than Themselves.
  11. By polluting and defiling the souls and judgments of men with such dangerous errors which in the proper tendency tend to carry the souls of men to all looseness and wickedness as woeful experience does abundantly evidence.
  12. To Choose Wicked Company, To Keep Wicked Society: Oh the horrid impieties and wickedness that Satan has drawn men to sin—by moving them to sit and associate themselves with vain people.

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