Time Management 101: Stop Trying to “Do It All”

Posted By on November 2, 2010

From Crystal over at MoneySavingMom.com — one of the best posts we’ve ever read on being REALISTIC about how much we can do. Thank you, Crystal!

In the past year, I’ve received numerous emails from women begging me for my “secrets” to time management. They ask me to please share how I manage to seemingly “do it all”.

Every time I get an email like that, I wish I could invite the woman to my home. Because seriously, I think it’s easy to make bloggers out to be someone they are not when you’re basing all your conclusions of them upon the little sliver of their life that they share on their blog.

I know, because I’ve been guilty of it myself. I’ll read a woman’s blog, see the pictures and ideas she shares and begin to wonder if really and truly she might be superwoman’s clone. And I feel badly because I don’t measure up in any stretch of the imagination to this blogger. When in reality, I know good and well that every single woman has their strengths and weaknesses and no one has it all together.

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One Response to “Time Management 101: Stop Trying to “Do It All””

  1. doreen says:

    I think we can all identify with this one.

    No one has it all, as it has been said.

    But, if we have God, what more do we need?

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