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Posted By on July 5, 2011


It’s been over five years since we released So Much More, and since then, we’ve seen much, heard much, done much, and learned much. And we’ve decided it’s time to write another book. The topic, this time, is relationships with boys. What we need now is for you, dear readers, to give us your feedback! What information would you most like to see in a book on this topic? What questions would you most like answered?

What do you think are the biggest issues girls deal with regarding young men?

Their biggest questions about proper guy-girl interaction?

Their biggest fears regarding relationships, marriage, and singleness?

Things they’ve always wanted to know about the young man’s perspective?

The most complicated relationship situations they face?

What lessons have you learned that you would most like other girls to hear about?

Please send your feedback on any or all of these questions to us at damselsATvisionarydaughtersDOTcom.

We’re eager to hear from you soon! This is an exciting project, and your help with it will be invaluable.

About The Author

Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin are the authors of "So Much More" and "It's (Not That) Complicated," producers of the documentary "Return of the Daughters" and the Reclaiming Beauty Study Course, and administrators of www.BotkinSisters.com. More importantly, they're the daughters of Geoffrey and Victoria Botkin, and live and work with their family in central Tennessee. They'd love to hear from you at ae AT botkinsisters DOT com.


One Response to “We’re Writing Another Book”

  1. nsteng says:

    I would like to touch on all the questions breifly… this is an incredibly important topic for me, raising two girls (so far:) and having a past full of baggage from broken male relationships. 1) I would say one of the biggest issues young women face is their misperception of what TRUE beauty is.. girls, even in christian circles, are surrounded by media and magazines telling them what men are attracked to and what they should look like. The children’s song, “oh be careful little eyes what you see,” couldn’t be more true and young women are a HUGE target to portray and certain sexual image. Modesty is rare anymore, church or no, and girls seem to “accidentally” attract the kind of male attention that is focused on the outward appearance first and foremost. 2)The biggest question regarding apporpriate male/female interaction would be WHY is it so important to wait and remain pure and WHAT was God’s intention for marriage and the marriage relationship? 3)Fears; there are probably hundreds, but for me it was the fear of failure, being single means being unloved and loney and not having children and not living up to the expectations of a Prob.’s 31 wife and mother. 4)What is a TRUE man of God looking for in a wife and how do I know that he is genuinely interested in who I am and what the Lord has and not only how I look? 5) I believe it is soooooo important for young women to understand that many of the complicated situtaions they find themselves in is bc of lack of boundries and accountibilty during relationships (my personal experience). If a young couple is never totally alone, they will find it very difficult to be overcome by temptation if they know someone who cares for them is close by and rooting for them to make wise choices; sort of a reminder that GOD SEES ALL and yes… TRUE LOVE WAITS!!!! 6) God’s timing is not always our timing and He should be our top priority and focus… not finding a husband. My experience was such that after trying and trying to “find” my spouce, it took 3 years of me waiting on the Lord before I was READY to meet him and in a place where the Lord was first and I was able to hear Him clearly. God is a jealous God and He wants our hearts desire to be for Him, before anyone else… looking for love is what traps us, it will find us when the Almighty deems the time!!! 🙂

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