Why Me? (and other musings on the theory of pity parties)

Posted By on September 17, 2011

Shelby Courtney has written a wonderful post about walking away from a me-centered mindset and learning to look at life through Christ’s lens:

WHY?  Why does it always have to be me?  Why can’t I get to spread happy news about myself, and somebody else get to experience the joy that comes with only having sadness to share with everyone? Why? This is possibly one of my favorite questions!  Consider it on the top of my “questions I like to ask myself when throwing a pity-party.”…

In order to protect myself in a way that my emotions would deem adequate, I would need to give up the very thing that God has promised to give His chosen ones.  And frankly, I am not willing to sacrifice my sanctification and character on the altar of carnal happiness.

So the real question I should ask myself in said pity parties, is “why not me?”  Why should I be the one who never hurts?  Why should I get to escape the pain that comes along with devotion to Jesus?  Regretting the hardships that come with a heart that is being fused to Christ, is conveying the idea that I want to die and go to Heaven, but I am not really willing to sacrifice everything and walk the life of a Christian….and to be honest, that is not how I want to be….

When my thinking is geared towards how my flesh can be satisfied, I will never be happy!  It is as simple as that.  The only thing that can ever truly satisfy a person, is redemption in Jesus Christ, and being able to relish in that, requires us to walk in the Spirit.  Hence, when we walk in our flesh, we will not ever have our seemingly unquenchable desires satisfied.

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