Albert Mohler Reviews Grudem’s Evangelical Feminism

| October 25, 2014

Are American evangelicals charting a new path into theological liberalism? That is the serious question posed by Wayne A. Grudem in Evangelical Feminism: A New Path to Liberalism?This new book is one of the most urgently needed resources for evangelical Christianity, and it represents one of the most insightful and courageous theological works of our times. […]

The Biblical Meaning of Submission for Wives

| October 25, 2014

Submission has a bad rap in today’s  world.  When society hears “wives submit to your husband,” they raise up their hands with the belief that submission to a man is demeaning.  I wish to shed some light on the true biblical meaning of submission and change that perception. The key text concerning submission of wives to their husbands […]

Piper: The Mystery of Marriage

| October 23, 2014

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. (Genesis 2:24) When God engaged to create man and woman and to ordain the union of marriage, he didn’t roll the dice or draw straws or flip a coin as to how they might […]

How To Be The Family The World Notices (In A Good Way)

| October 21, 2014

By Tricia Goyer at Momlife Today On a recent business trip there are two families that stand out in my memory. One is a couple who sat down by me at the lunch table at the airport. “Why are you talkin’ to me?” The woman’s voice was nearly shouting as she glared at her husband. […]

Love Letters – The Art of Communication

| October 17, 2014

As I consider the perspective my children have on communication—surrounded as they are by a plethora of means of instantaneous connection with others, with information, and with entertainment—I realize that this inundation of connectedness in which it takes but the tap of a screen to feel at least superficially linked, is perhaps engendering, not deeper […]

Seduction And the Cost of Saying ‘No’

| October 16, 2014

Many of us have long been aware of the many seductions our culture offers which leads to the great seduction or who we’ll ultimately follow. But it bears repeating. Every Christian will face and have to deal with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life in America and […]

The Good Marriage

| October 11, 2014

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The Sacred Walls of Home

| October 11, 2014

The benediction that falls upon the homes of a country is like the gentle rain that descends among the hills. A thousand springs are fuller afterward, and along the banks of a thousand streamlets flowing through the valleys the grass is greener and the flowers pour out richer fragrance. Homes are the springs among the […]

I Know You Love Me Mommy and Daddy

| October 9, 2014

Spread the spirit of love and gratefulness through this endearing Christian children’s book that families will enjoy for generations! “I Know You Love Me Mommy & Daddy is a delightful children’s book that reinforces God’s unconditional love that parents are to share with their children.” -Michelle Duggar (2 Cor. 12:9) Mother of TLC’s 19 Kids & Counting […]

We’re All Just Women… Ordinary, Everyday Kinda Women.

| October 9, 2014

By Deborah over at Building A Family That Will Stand We can’t do it all in our own strength.  We simply can’t. From time to time, I’ve had someone or another tell me how wonderful I am, what an example to others, that I have it all together.  Makes me cringe. Every…single…time. I’m so well aware of […]

Husbands, Hold Your Wife’s Hand

| October 8, 2014

It is both awkward and encouraging the feedback I have received over the past few years for the writing I have done during my beloved’s illness, homegoing, and absence. I especially rejoice when I hear that the things I have written have served another in a time of hardship. It remains my intention to use […]

Theology which Confronts the Sexual Revolution and Moral Upheaval

| September 23, 2014

By Albert Mohler Western society is currently experiencing what can only be described as a moral revolution. Our society’s moral code and collective ethical evaluation on a particular issue has undergone not small adjustments but a complete reversal. That which was once condemned is now celebrated, and the refusal to celebrate is now condemned. What […]

6 Reasons to Study Theology

| September 19, 2014

By Jen Thorn at When theology is mentioned in a circle of women I have often found the response to be less than enthusiastic.  Mention books on homemaking, marriage or parenting, on the other hand, and everyone seems interested. Why is that? I have heard comments like, “I’m just not smart enough”, “I will leave the […]

Mentoring 101 – The Titus 2 Role Explained

| September 18, 2014

From the Christian Pundit “Mentoring is so American,” a friend from another country told me. We were talking about older women mentoring younger women, and she had a different take on it than most people around me. “Where I’m from, people would never do it. They just take part in the life of the church […]

The slow, tentative return of women’s lost sense of sexual honour

| September 16, 2014

Something in our nature craves the constraints that produce the rewards an honour code confers. A recent editorial in Canada’s National Post informs us that many indicators, such as a dramatically diminished interest in topless bathing in France, the bellwether of female sexual liberation, point to a return of relative conservatism in women’s attitudes to sex. In North […]