Feminist Pioneers Out To Destroy Your Daughters

| December 20, 2013

Columnist Ross Douthat has stirred up a hornet’s nest by commenting on a new study suggesting that being the parent of a girl may nudge people toward the Republican party. Douthat speculated that watching daughters cope with a “social landscape in which sex has been decoupled from marriage,” and in which young men cruise through […]

Quirks of the Fairer Sex Which Ought Not be So

| December 3, 2013

My Dear Sisters, My friend, Bria, has very kindly given me the opportunity to write several things to my sisters in Christ. I’m going to take this opportunity to affirm some things she’s written, as well as submit several more points for your consideration. It is my prayer that you will hear me speak as […]

Michelle Duggar on Teaching Her Daughters About Modest Dress

| October 20, 2013

When the girls are little, they’re jumping and playing and not even thinking about modesty. It’s good because that’s the way children should be. As a parent I would have to remind them, let’s not stand upside down on your head in that chair because you want to practice being ladylike. And they look at […]

Living out Biblical Principles: A Young Woman’s Prayer of Chastity

| September 6, 2013

From Stacy McDonald at Your Sacred Calling, I have made a covenant with my body to be discreet and chaste; why then should I flaunt myself before men? Does God not see my ways and count all my steps (Job 31:1,4)? Has He not said that marriage is honorable among all (Hebrews 13:4) and that […]

Answering The Miley Cyrus Generation

| August 29, 2013

Miley Cyrus is an icon of a soul that is a wasteland and she’s taking others down with her. The Dave Ryan Show reports that, “Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards is now the most-tweeted moment of the year. Twitter announced on Monday that Miley and her provocative dancing with singer […]

The New Barely There Modesty

| July 18, 2013

There seems to be this weird new drift in the concept of Christian modesty. Perhaps it’s just a non-theology reaction to truly poor theology; but, whatever it is, it’s growing…especially in the “relevant” crowd. In other words, the people who seem to support this new “barely there modesty” concept rarely use Scripture to defend or […]

Kindle Version of Raising Maidens of Virtue Now Available!

| June 1, 2013

“Our world desperately needs to see the beautiful antithesis of the gospel. Christians need to declare to the lost that femininity is a wonderful part of the image of God: “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him: male and female created he them” (Genesis 1:27). As […]

Pretty Versus Hot

| April 13, 2013

Spot on: Recently I came across an article called “The Death of Pretty,” in which the author laments our culture’s movement from valuing “pretty” to valuing “hot.” He describes “pretty” this way: “Once upon a time, women wanted to project an innocence. I am not idealizing another age and I have no illusions about the virtues of […]

What Christian Modesty Looks Like

| October 13, 2012

Modest clothing is beautiful. While we each have slightly different perspectives on what is ugly, as Christian women we should try and dress in a way that is beautiful. Not elaborate or decadent or seductive, as I said, but beautiful. Carolyn Mahaney says, “[B]ecause we are created in the image of our Creator, each of […]

Announcing a New Webinar: Reclaiming Beauty

| August 8, 2012

A New Look at How to Glorify God in Your Body What is beauty? Some say beauty fits in a size 0. Some say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some say beauty is only skin deep. Some say beauty is only a quality of the heart. Some say beauty is truth. Some say […]

Help! Can’t You Just Tell Me What to Wear?

| July 9, 2012

Hi Stacy, I appreciated this article, but I’m still feeling confused about the whole subject. Everyone seems to have a major difference of opinion on what is modest (Soul Surfer is a good example), so how do we as a family choose a standard and stick to it? Do you think strapless is ok if […]

Can We Have a Braver Princess, Please?

| July 2, 2012

Twenty years ago, our mother walked down the Walmart Pink Isle, past all the Disney-heroine Barbies, Disney-movie-inspired vanity playsets, sequined polyester fish-tail skirts with seashells, and itchy yellow off-shoulder Belle dresses, and decided, “Not for my daughters.” We were 4 and 6, and like most little girls, were each on our quest for the holy […]

Too Feminine?

| May 6, 2012

In his parenting manual, Emile, the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau argued that men and women are made differently and therefore require different types of upbringing. He espoused what today many people call a “complementarian” view of gender, which refers to the idea that the differences between men and women complement and enhance each other. . […]

Flesh Parades, Doug Wilson and Cinematic Nudity

| April 9, 2012

Douglas Wilson has some good things to say here about some of the issues upstream of the modesty debate, which echoes the concerns I raised in my article ‘Slutwalk and the Negation of Feminine Sexuality.‘ Wilson also helpfully reminds us that when a woman reveals too much flesh, it is often not because she has […]

Modesty is Unremarkable

| February 20, 2012

From CatholicCulture.org: My daughters told me recently that modest clothing is unremarkable in itself, but remarkable in its potential effects. Ironically, the benefit of modest clothing is its transparency, so to speak. Modest clothing attracts attention neither to itself nor to the superficial qualities of the person wearing it. In fact, by not being a […]