Mercatornet: The Handmaid’s Tale: more sci-fi than believable dystopia

| May 15, 2017

The current Hulu remake of Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel, The Handmaid’s Tale, is getting rave reviews. But I passed on it. Handmaids projects a Christian theocracy — the Republic of Gilead — that has replaced American democracy, and consigned women to their most reductive biological roles as forced breeders in a mysteriously infertile society. I’m […]

Unbroken Faith Ministries: Utter Heartbreak – A Response to “Fifty Shades Darker”

| February 8, 2017

If you are a blood-bought child of Christ, you must live in the fear of God when sexual sins lay crouching at the door. Only those who truly fear God will conquer such temptations. There are times to be heartbroken. The release of another Fifty Shades film is definitely such a time. The tidal wave […]

Let’s Call ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ What It Is: Perverted

| January 29, 2015

When the novel Fifty Shades of Grey was published three years ago, critics described it as “dull and poorly written,” “depressing” and “a sad joke.” Yet, it sold 100 million copies. Women were fascinated by the dark tale of a 21-year-old college student, Ana Steele, who falls in love with a handsome but mysterious young […]

A Family Film To Keep Your Eye On -Beyond The Mask Official Trailer

| December 18, 2014

From Burns Family Studios comes “Beyond the Mask,” the revolutionary new family film that brings history to life in a faith-filled adventure celebrating grace, liberty, and true freedom that can only be found in Christ. Double crossed and on the run, an assassin for the British East India Company seeks to redeem his past by […]

Fifty Shades, Twilight, and Teaching Young Women To Desire Abusers

| September 3, 2014

Remember how we warned you about Eclipse from the Twilight series as did others who often publish articles here on Beautiful Womanhood? I’m glad we did and I am glad that some of you listened. The Story: A new study published in the Journal of Women’s Health finds a connection between health risks in adolescent and young adult […]

Lead Like A Boss, Dad

| August 9, 2014

By Geoffrey Botkin A Canadian ad agency has just broken every politically correct rule of TV fatherhood. General Mills Canada hired the Toronto firm to pitch a product that’s “awesome and responsible”: Peanut Butter Cheerios. The commercial’s Creative Director Josh Stein did something truly creative. He associated the two words with fatherhood. The result: a two minute tour […]

What We Learn from Nude Reality TV

| August 9, 2014

We laugh when little children run down the neighborhood sidewalk unclothed, chased by an embarrassed and apologetic parent. There’s a funny innocence to it in the life of a child who, to some degree, is ignorant of sin. In the same way, when men and women show themselves nude in public, they act like children, […]

When Grace was a Staple of Popular Entertainment

| August 9, 2014

…The opposite of meanness is, I’d say, grace, with its natural and not yet theological meaning. It’s more than etiquette. It’s a free and cheerful willingness to put other people at their ease, by giving them genuine praise, by dressing well but not to show off, by knowing how to accept a gift and how to give one in return. It […]

Matt Walsh: Women of America: 4 reasons to hate 50 Shades of Grey

| July 25, 2014

Editor’s Note: MW’s point number 3 should be read by Christians and unbelievers alike. Point number 4 is logical and as feminists generally work by humanistic terms it stands to reason they would hate 50 Shades of Grey. But as we’ve learned over the decades immorality defies reason and feminism touted being as base as […]

12 Questions to Ask Before You Watch ‘Game of Thrones’

| June 20, 2014

“Pastor John, do you believe there is a difference between film nudity versus pornography? I know many Christians who are against porn, but they have no issue watching movies or TV shows that show graphic nudity.” A young woman named Emily recently emailed this question to the Ask Pastor John inbox. A day later, Adam emailed to […]

Kevin Swanson: Introducing Children to Dragons and Sodomy

| June 13, 2014

We’re going to address something that is coming out this weekend that is not exactly a family friendly fare. And this is a Hollywood production and the ‘heads-up’ came just a couple of weeks ago on this one. Now, Steve, I think I am getting to be known as one of the key critics of […]

Character in ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ comes out as gay

| June 13, 2014

CANNES –  Is the world ready for its first animated gay Viking? “How to Train Your Dragon 2” sure hopes so. “How to Train Your Dragon 2” opened at the Cannes Film Festival last week with its stars in tow, a big party on the beach, and a life-sized Toothless the Dragon hanging out for […]

Time: Ken Ham on the Movie Noah

| March 29, 2014

Leading creationist Ken Ham, who recently debated Bill Nye, says that the new blockbuster, starring Russell Crowe, is an insult to Christians: “Ultimately, there is barely a hint of biblical fidelity in this film. It is an unbiblical, pagan film from its start” As a Creationist and also a believer in the historical account of […]

One Dad’s Thoughts on Frozen’s Smash Hit “Let It Go”

| March 22, 2014

I think it’s time we get serious about the song “Let it Go” from Disney’s smash hit Frozen. I’ve spent a fair amount of time lamenting that it has been stuck in my head for the last four months. Recently I realized why the 6-18 year old female demographic has experienced such a connection with […]

I Hope This Isn’t A Window to Your Soul

| March 12, 2014

ReMoved from HESCHLE on Vimeo. This is the perfect example of life without Christ. The trailer doesn’t resolve the issue but it does expose our humanistic thinking. We cannot look to others, we cannot look to nature, we cannot look to ourselves and we cannot even look to the good things of this life to […]