Stay-at-home Mums vs. Super-sized kids

| April 1, 2015

Every parent knows it’s tough getting kids to eat their greens. Even UK food writer Rose Prince claims to have been “quite undone by feeding children”, noting how easy it was for her mother, “a housewife in the classic sense”, to produce delicious from-scratch meals and keep a close watch on between-meal-snacking. By contrast, her […]

Desexualizing Dolls to Protect Minors

| March 10, 2015

[Editor’s note: Ask yourself, “Where did the standard of modesty come from? We know and we’re glad it’s catching on. Join us in praying for folks who find aligning themselves with biblical truths for practical reasons will come to know the Creator of those truths.] 

God Made Gender

| February 3, 2015

We need to be diligent in teaching our children that God has made us different as males and females and that both sexes are made in the image of God. While secularists may want to say that a person can have a “gender identity” separate from their biological gender, nowhere does God make this distinction […]

Will God Save Your Kids?

| January 30, 2015

There are few things I pray for with greater frequency or intensity than the salvation of my children. I long for them to be saved, and long to be able to be able to call them not only my son and daughters, but my brother and sisters. I long for them to profess faith, and […]

Download $100 Worth of Audios For Free from Western Conservatory!

| December 31, 2014

Kick-start the New Year by loading up on great new listening material — for free! This Thursday, January 1st, download up to $100 worth of MP3 messages that will help you and your family be more purposeful, more fruitful, more faithful and more united this next year than ever before. Browse our most popular messages, […]

Free Download -Encouragement For Mothers – Brook Wayne

| December 31, 2014

To celebrate the New Year, we wanted to give you a gift for FREE! “Encouragement for Mothers is a great message by my wife, Brook Wayne, co-founder of Family Renewal.” – Israel Wayne Brook shares with mothers of young children lessons she has learned along the journey of motherhood about training, loving and connecting with your […]

Teach Your Children to Pray

| December 19, 2014

By Mrs. Don Morris My husband and I have a strong desire to pass on our faith to our children. We want it to be their love and respect for the Lord Jesus that propels them through life. Teaching our children to pray is perhaps one of the most important lessons we could spend our […]

| November 1, 2014

[Obama is] painting a picture of how he’d like to expand the administrative state to include government pre-school. Because public schools are doing such a good job generally. Anyway, he then took an absolutely bizarre swipe against stay-at-home mothers: “Sometimes, someone, usually Mom, leaves the workplace to stay home with the kids, which then leaves […]

The Whys and Hows of Teaching the Shorter Catechism Today

| October 29, 2014

Communicating the faith to children is one of the great responsibilities of Christian parents. In Catechizing Our Children, Terry Johnson, a father as well as a pastor, shows how the Shorter Catechism can be of great help to parents facing this vital task. Many generations of Christian parents have found the Westminster Shorter Catechism to be […]

Preparing Sons For The Future

| October 25, 2014

By R.C. Sproul Jr. of Highland Ministries Don’t follow the folly of the world. An excellent question. Too often we in the church follow the folly of the world in taking a passive approach to the future. We tend to believe all we have to do is show up, and if things don’t work out […]

Halloween and Your Kids

| October 25, 2014

Few festivals give Christians more cause for debate than Halloween. To some Christians, it is merely a harmless time.To others, it is indicative of the prevailing godless worldview. Few festivals give Christians in the Western world more cause for debate than Halloween. To some Christians, it is merely a harmless time of year when children […]

Consequences or Love of God – What Motivates Your Teenager?

| October 23, 2014

It is no secret teenagers face powerful temptations.  Parents want to make sure that consequences are in place to help protect their children. It is good to put deterrents in place for behavior that is unacceptable and sinful. But, for your teenager, still it comes down to that moment of decision; is the consequence enough […]

Seduction And the Cost of Saying ‘No’

| October 16, 2014

Many of us have long been aware of the many seductions our culture offers which leads to the great seduction or who we’ll ultimately follow. But it bears repeating. Every Christian will face and have to deal with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life in America and […]

Be Ready to Answer Your Kids’ Questions About the Bible

| October 13, 2014

By Jon Bloom at Desiring God Kids are thinkers. They ask good and sometimes hard questions. My kids have asked me some of the hardest theological questions between ages 5 and 8. They’ve queried me on comparative religion, death, eternity, heaven, hell, Jesus and the cross, and what about all those people who have never […]

When Jesus is a Cartoon

| October 13, 2014

By Kara Murphy published at Highlands Ministries Children’s Bible Stories In the Sunday school classrooms in which I taught years ago, each weekly lesson had a main idea that we repeated over and over. Platitudes such as “God loves me,” “I am special to God,” and “We are kind to one another” filled the teacher’s […]