| December 31, 2017

A daughter with vision can impact generations

| December 4, 2017

[O]ur daughter was raised to delight in her role as woman, and, Lord willing, as a future wife and mother.  She has been taught that it is the highest calling of a woman and why would she want to settle for less.  This position has been a shock to a number of people she has […]

Happy Starvation Day Thanksgiving

| November 22, 2017

 Here’s a great reminder that the socialistic ideals of feminism won’t work. Ever. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Thank the Moms You Know With Gifts of Practical Help and Encouragement

| May 12, 2017

Thank the Moms You Know With Gifts of Practical Help and Encouragement This Mother’s Day, we here at Western Conservatory are massively discounting our physical products to help move some of our inventory: 75% off all physical products*, from now until May 14th. To take advantage of this opportunity, we would like to suggest that […]

Reggie Osborne: She Said Yes, Once

| April 25, 2017

I stood on a stage in the church I’d grown up in.  I can only vaguely remember my wedding, but I’ll never forget seeing Allison emerge from the hallway at the back of the sanctuary.  Beautiful. Looking up at me through her veil, she smiled.  She has always been a shy person, so she should […]

Unbroken Faith Ministries: Utter Heartbreak – A Response to “Fifty Shades Darker”

| February 8, 2017

If you are a blood-bought child of Christ, you must live in the fear of God when sexual sins lay crouching at the door. Only those who truly fear God will conquer such temptations. There are times to be heartbroken. The release of another Fifty Shades film is definitely such a time. The tidal wave […]

Taking a break…

| February 17, 2016

We’ll be taking a break for a while. Our editor had a family emergency this week and is shifting things around right now. Thanks for your continued support! Want to keep reading? Visit our archives by using the search box on the left or by visiting our original site here.  

Pregnant after rape: She is not a “rape baby.” She is MY baby.

| January 9, 2016

Shalyn McGuin has a story to tell. Read the rest here. (Mature readers)

AV: Aiding & Abetting the Abortion Industrial Complex

| December 3, 2015

It’s an evangelical technique: let’s pretend to speak the language of the lost, pretend to be one of them, and then bashfully squeeze in a tiny bit of our own worldview at the end hoping they just might, please, please, consider the Gospel if we’re nice enough, compassionate enough, not confrontational, and do not appear […]

The Womb is a Place of Blessing

| August 20, 2015

Happiness, one emotion on a broad spectrum of possibilities. If we are truly pro-life, then we must be pro physical life, pro spiritual life, pro intellectual life. We must be for human flourishing in every way. As Christians we oppose the trampling of the weak, in whatever capacity they are weak among us. We oppose the evolutionary […]

The Truth Is My Sin Is Nailed To The Cross

| August 14, 2015

Event: Western Civilization and the Crown Rights of Jesus Christ

| August 7, 2015

Is this the end of Christian civilization? No! What is happening to our culture? We have been witnessing a massive moral and spiritual decline even during our lifetime. Is this the end of America? Are we perhaps even witnessing the downfall of the Christian West? Is this the end of Christian civilization? Many Christians are […]

Freedom Toons: It’s About Attacking The People Who Caught Us

| August 5, 2015

Federalist: Ideas for Reporters Struggling to Cover Planned Parenthood

| July 21, 2015

Many years ago I interviewed for a reporting job covering government waste, fraud and mismanagement. The interview went well and my future employers mentioned that they’d had trouble keeping the position filled as many reporters had trouble coming up with story ideas. They wondered if that would be a problem. I thought they were joking, […]

Cowgirl Dirt – Independence Day Sale

| July 2, 2015

COWGIRL DIRT products are made with the purest natural and organic ingredients. Our collection of mineral-based products not only enhances your natural beauty, but also contains vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants that nourish your skin. You can be confident that you will not only look your best, but feel your best when wearing COWGIRL DIRT! Click […]