I Would Hide My Head in a Bag

| June 26, 2015

WORLD: Elisabeth Elliot Enters Gates of Splendor

| June 15, 2015

Elisabeth Elliot, the best-selling Christian author and widow of martyred missionary Jim Elliot, died Monday morning. She was 88. Elliot’s daughter, Valerie Elliot Shepard, said her mother was asleep when she died in the Gloucester, Mass., home Elliot shared with her third husband, Lars Gren. Elliot had suffered from dementia for about a decade, and […]

A Dying Mother Campaigns for Life

| May 28, 2015

Campaigns from California to New Zealand to legalise euthanasia in one form or another have focused on attractive young women with terminal cancer who want to avoid suffering pain or loss of mental function at the end of their lives. Their stories are powerful and persuasive. But so are the stories that we hear less […]

Fund for Widowed New Mother of 8

| April 21, 2015

Please donate and/or help this go viral. Mike and Niki Rogan, were driving to the hospital early this morning [4/17/2015] with their seven children, in anticipation of welcoming an eighth child into their beautiful family. On the way, an oncoming car hit a deer which was thrown into the Rogans’ vehicle.  Mike did not survive […]

Motherhood Is Now On Trial

| March 28, 2015

A leading constitutional lawyer, and one of the leading attorneys (if not the leading one) involved in high profile surrogate parenting cases in the US, made that claim, and not lightly nor without deep knowledge of the issues involved. Harold Cassidy was chief counsel in the first contested surrogacy case in the United States that struck down surrogate […]

Kids Aren’t Expensive But Greed Is

| February 28, 2015

[Editor’s note: Your kids don’t even know who the Jones family is but unmistakably they’ll be dazzled by all the things they see around them, all the activities they see others doing and it’s easy to let them pull on our heart strings. Couple that with what we see in other families and what appears to […]

Newly Wed Thoughts: Does Culture Influence Marriage?

| February 27, 2015

In 2012, Steven James Dixon, relationship expert and author, wrote a short piece titled, “Why I Married a Black Woman” for Essence. In it Dixon, a black man, lists a string of reasons why he “had to have me a sister”, most of which pointed to cultural similarities. He wants to marry “someone who understands that […]

4 Lies About Sexuality in Fifty Shades of Grey

| February 15, 2015

Challies: Ten Articles on Porn

| February 13, 2015

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and, thanks to one surprising bestseller and its new film adaptation, the whole world is buzzing about pornography and deviant sexuality. 50 Shades has done everything it can to beat and brutalize an otherwise sweet occasion. The day of hearts and flowers has been turned into a day of whips and […]

Fifty Shades: A sexual assault on your daughter.

| February 10, 2015

Let’s get one thing clear. The Fifty Shades movie opening this Valentine’s Day weekend is an assault on young women and God’s institution of marriage. Pleasure is found in pain, in yielding to the lusts of perverted men who whose desire is to dominate women. This is somehow packaged as the ultimate sexual / romantic […]

Piper, Carson, and Keller on Sustaining the Covenant of Marital Love

| February 10, 2015

Piper, Carson, and Keller on Sustaining the Covenant of Marital Love from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo. Recommended Resources In Love with Christ: The Narrative of Sarah Edwards Sussannah Spurgeon: Free Grace and Dying Love (Morning Devotions with the Life of Susannah Spurgeon) The Christian Lover: The Sweetness of Love and Marriage in the Letters […]

Archives: No Shades of Grey: A Black and White Seduction of the Mind

| January 29, 2015

[Editor’s Note] Originally published July 15, 2012 Sexual sin hurts. It mangles and poisons. It attacks the potential beauty and closeness of one of God’s most mysterious gifts: The one flesh relationship of sexual intimacy. In addition to defrauding our neighbor, when we engage in fornication or adultery we are in a real way self-destructing […]

Submit An Article

| January 5, 2015

We’re taking article submissions again. We need to reach out to the next generation and confirm their desire to return to meaningful family life and celebrate the unique, complementary roles of men and women. If you have the bug to write, please see author guidelines for details.

The best test of growth

| January 4, 2015

From Challies.com Do you wonder if you are growing as a Christian? Here is one of the best tests of your growth. It is almost cliché to praise Charles Spurgeon for his ability to say in a few words when takes others so many. Yet he was a remarkably gifted man and one who used […]

A Higher Standard for Sexual Relations

| December 23, 2014

Editor’s note: A few things need to be corrected in this article. One is that extramarital sexual encounters should be illegal. And it would follow that marriage is the perfect high standard within which sexual encounters happen. Unless of course you are talking about the world’s standard for marriage. Ungodly marriages will yield ungodly fruit. […]