Badly Done McDonalds, Badly Done.

Posted By on July 17, 2013

This makes one wonder who is McDonald’s workforce these days. Obviously married, possibly with children.

Outside of the obvious, that two jobs split the home and threaten the future of children and their discipleship, that two jobs produce dual headship, (husband has his boss and wife has hers), divide the husband and wife in their relationship, stressing the marriage, and minimizing their potential to come together in a husband’s calling and work for the Lord, it is certainly ridiculous to attempt to entertain that financial stability is achievable as long as you don’t really add it all up.

But this is what we Americans are used to. Look at the budget generally, if it’s close, if it looks good on paper, if it makes us feel better, super-size it with debt and keep on moving.

via McDonald’s Can’t Figure Out How Its Workers Survive on Minimum Wage – Jordan Weissmann – The Atlantic.

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