Entrepreneurship Helps Hatian Women Keep Their Children

Posted By on February 7, 2014

papillonWhere charity failed and hurt the Haitian economy entrepreneurial vision made way for hope to become reality. Haitian women rebuild their lives by embracing  and capitalizing on the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

Shelley Clay founded Papillon Enterprise in 2008 after quickly surmising the worth for Haitians of business startups versus charity handouts.

Shelley and her husband, Corrigan, traveled to Haiti in 2007 hoping to adopt. “I soon realized most of the ‘orphans’ I was seeing had parents,” she said. They simply could not afford to care for them.

Clay also realized that the thousands of dollars going to adoption fees would end up in government officials’ hands and the bureaucracy, not with poor Haitian families. The more urgent need, she decided, was to help poor mothers earn money so they could afford to keep their children rather than turn them over to orphanages.

Several single mothers who work at Papillon have progressed from having their children in orphanages to owning their own homes and paying the fees to send their children to school.

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