Common Core or Common Sense (with apologies to Thomas Payne)

Posted By on July 25, 2014


In 1776, American colonists found themselves under the control of a tyrannical ruler. King George and Parliament had the agenda of controlling the colonists’ daily lives and livelihoods while using them for England’s sole benefit. The level of control had reached absurd levels and a few colonists were beginning to call for independence from England. Some colonists spoke of just reducing the levels of control while others seemed content to live under such tyranny.

To modern-day Americans, the choice seems obvious. But, we must remember that for many colonists living under the rule of a king was normal. It was all they had ever known and rebelling against him seemed like pure craziness. It was at this point that Thomas Paine anonymously wrote and published his pamphlet, Common Sense. Colonists every where read and heard his argument in favor of declaring independence. They were convicted of the need to throw off the tyranny of the king and free themselves. Those same colonists then created a new government in which they handed down the freedom they had fought so hard to obtain to the care of succeeding generations of United States citizens.

One would think that Americans would treasure and hold on to that personal freedom and liberty for all time. However, keeping such freedom also requires a great deal of personal responsibility and hard work. Over time, Americans gave up much of that personal liberty…

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