Romeikes Stay but Obama Wins, for Now.

Posted By on March 6, 2014


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Everything Obama and Co. does is to grow the State and give it more control and power over our lives.

“So this administration gets the law they want, and they get to come out looking like the kind and merciful savior. I think the administration is hoping that we’ll all clap and cheer, and thank Obama for his kindness, and then move on, forgetting about the incredible violation of parental rights they made by pursing this case in the first place. We definitely need to not become complacent over this latest announcement!”

The legal groundwork for denial of the family is still on the books. Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration argued that there is no fundamental right to homeschool. If this is true, then homeschooling families in the United States are in jeopardy.

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