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Common Core assignment makes sixth-graders SCRAP Bill of Rights amendments

If you are here at LAF because you have certain convictions about family, education, the foundations of your freedoms and liberties, than this film is why you are here. THIS, is why you are here. Submitted by a concerned reader, a young one at that, who still hopes, who still knows why we’re here and what we are called to live and fight for. If you aren’t going to watch this, if you can’t make yourself watch this, if you don’t have time to share this then look around and question why. This is the sort of film that will make you look in the mirror and ask yourself what you stand for. Comment, and share.

From one of our readers comes a plea for the rest of us to educate ourselves about what we’re really up against with the Common Core curriculum and initiative.

Hello LAF,
My name is D*****, I’ve been following your blog since I was 16 (I’ve just turned 18). I am emailing you about the Common Core, everyone should know about this. It isn’t just harmful to public schooled kids, but also to private schooled, home-schooled, and even the freedom of other people. I urge you to PLEASE watch this video (link below) when you get an opportunity and spread the word! Christians especially need to stick together on this, we’re in a spiritual war and must fight together, uplift and comfort one another. And since I have the chance, I must also thank you for starting and maintaining the LAF blog. It has definitely given me some hope that there are other true believers out there.
God bless,

What you’re about to see in the video below exposes a reach far beyond what any of us imagined or have been made aware of. I have been looking for this information as I have seen posts around on the web of absurd assignments children are subject to. But Common Core is more than dumb math strategies, the exposure of moral depravity, and ambiguous literature studies and it has everything to do with homeschool families as well as those who are utilizing government schooling.

What I know now after watching this short film is that Common Core is a full on reach for your freedom. We’re all weighted down with bills, family concerns, job issues but none of that will matter if we don’t understand what is the matter with Common Core and why it is a major threat to our freedom to have bills, family concerns job issues and the like. Unfortunately 46 states didn’t see this coming. A big shout out to Texans who did. I love Texas.

This is a must watch for all home educators as much as it is for those who have children in government schools. Common Core is far more than a curriculum. It is the forward march of communism without the sound of boots on the ground. Put together an event in your homeschooling community where you can come together and discuss this short documentary and how you can mobilize and support one another. Make sure your churches know what is happening.

Do you remember the classification of races as well as genetics, breeding, and socioeconomic status which were the precursor for ‘qualification’ of many to be sterilized or worse by the Nazis? Here’s what it looks like now in the 21st century. Yes, you read that correctly. If you aren’t going to fight this and fight this now then I have to ask what is your impetus? Do we understand purpose and calling? Is is possible that we no longer understand how the glorifying of God so perfectly intersects the dominion work at hand?

We look back and we ask ourselves how the Germans and others didn’t see that coming. How much easier is it today in our advanced technological society for the same ideologies to pass by unnoticed? ‘Very easy’ doesn’t not say enough. Well, we’ve noticed. And God bless the Freedom Project for the work they’ve done so far. Join them. Show them your support. There will be a link at the bottom so you can buy copies of this documentary to share with others.

Everyone needs to share this video. Everyone needs to see themselves as an activist motivated to take action. This is it. Get on board and find out how. If you love your hard won freedom to educate, keep pressing forward. If you’re still listening to convenient excuses, it’s time to become a believer. This highly informative video will equip you to educate your friends, family, and local community. Find ways how you can integrate this knowledge into any sphere within your reach.

Once you watch this video, you’ll know more than your state legislators. Common Core is not commonly understood and that you should know. We’ve much work to do to make it known. Make your local and state politicians aware. Put this video under their noses. It’s not that hard. Show up at their next speaking engagement and hand them a copy.

What you’re up against: We’ve long known that TV is used to indoctrinate our thinking and sway the masses. Many modern TV shows (Heroes, Numbers, Lie to Me, to name a few) are grooming audiences to understand and find common place, these new methodologies of evaluation which are being used in Common Core. Anyone who has been keeping an eye open will find new topics like mental health and mental abnormalities (often depicted as the impetus for heroic tendencies but potentially dangerous to society when not controlled by the state) and detective work being done by psychological face reading evaluations. Do we realize that fear of the unknown, the seemingly uncontrolled, the exaggerated is staging us to grasp ‘radical statist solutions’ to problems that do not exist? Shows like these are created in order to precondition the masses to accept lies and slander to be used against them under sanction of the law. And for those who just won’t listen to us, shows like this offer them the perfect excuse to stand on the sidelines and let the communism march on. “It’s all just TV stuff.” No it’s not. Better to realize that now than when you’ve lost the last freedom preserving you from the mercilessness we all know can and has happened.

Note: There is a small bit in this video covering the integration of sexuality standards into public education which is not for young audiences.

Find a Common Core: Dangers and Threats event to attend here.

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