AV: NARAL Super Bowl Ad Rant Shows How Radical Abortionists Really Are

Posted By on February 8, 2016


As several sites have reported now, abortion-rights radicals NARAL tweeted a rant during aDoritos Super Bowl ad. The objection demonstrates just how murderous the abortionists really are, and just how sensitive they are to the truth getting out to the public.

Doritos aired a Super Bowl ad in which a dad is munching Doritos while his obviously preggo wifey is having an ultrasound. With every crunch of the clearly delectable snack, the baby in the ultrasound struggles harder to reach and snag one for himself! Pretty soon, he leaps so hard there’s an implied early delivery!

Who’d-a-thunk something so comical would rile the abortionists, but it does make sense. NARAL tweeted in utter disdain…

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