Federalist: How An Infertile Couple Experiences The Planned Parenthood Videos

Posted By on August 17, 2015

Jon Lester, Compfight, CC

Jon Lester, Compfight, CC

My husband and I just celebrated our thirteenth wedding anniversary. We are happy in our marriage—he’s a patient pastor, and I’m a restless writer—but I would be lying if I said that our life together weren’t punctuated with a persistent, quiet kind of grief.

You see, we have never been blessed with the gift of children. No precious child has ever been born or adopted into our little family, and we pine and pray for that miraculous day when our lonely party of two might grow to three or four or more.

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One Response to “Federalist: How An Infertile Couple Experiences The Planned Parenthood Videos”

  1. snvarbor says:

    I remember this pain, of waiting for a miracle of a child from God, and to this day still never understand the whys of people wish to kill their children. The pro-abort people are SO mean about this, the lives they create and then snuff out with such ease is heartbreaking. I pray for all the blessings from God for infertile couples out there, somewhere there are children for them.

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