Having a Conscience is Illegal in Poland

Posted By on July 11, 2014

Editor’s note: Try not to be sick to your stomach over the heartlessness of quoted doctors and prime minister Tusk in this article.

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A Polish doctor who refused a woman’s request for an abortion procedure because of a “conflict of conscience” with his Roman Catholic beliefs has been fired from the hospital he works at.

The case, which sparked a nationwide abortion debate and prompted Prime Minister Donald Tusk to tell Warsaw obstetrician Bogdan Chazan that he must choose the law over his faith, began in April when the doctor refused a pregnant woman an abortion at Warsaw’s Holy Family Hospital.

The woman had came to Chazan to ask for an abortion because her own physician had diagnosed her unborn child with grave health problems, Reuters reported. The obstetrician, however, told the woman that he could not agree to such an abortion in his hospital, and referred the woman to a hospice where the child could get palliative care once born.

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