Margaret Sanger Is Back From The Grave

Posted By on November 4, 2013

According to a report from The New American, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is taking fire from human rights advocates for funding and promoting the most recent form of the controversial contraceptive drug, Depo Provera.  Following in the Eugenic footsteps of Planned Parenthood, the Gates Foundation’s advocacy of the deadly drug is particularly aimed at women in Africa and developing countries.

Melinda Gates, wife of Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, told the New York Times that she is championing wide distribution of the drug “after talking with poor women around the world.” But Kwame Fosu, policy director for the Rebecca Project for Human Rights, says Mrs. Gates’ claims are “disingenuous” because the women she claims to be helping are not being informed about the dangers involved.

“No African woman would agree to being injected if she had full knowledge of the contraceptives’ dangerous side effects,” Kwame Fosu told C-FAM, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. “In fact,” claimed Fosu, “in countries where women are educated on the harmful complications, Depo Provera use is negligible.”

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One Response to “Margaret Sanger Is Back From The Grave”

  1. Opal says:

    I sincerely wish that someone would “out” this couple and expose their insidious agenda for what it is. It’s become quite obvious to me that Bill and Melinda Gates are interested in nothing more than eugenics and population control. Let’s not forget that they are also heavily invested in GMO giant Monsanto. That makes me even more uncomfortable with GMO crops.

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