OMSI’s Incredible Display of Miscarried Babies

Posted By on May 27, 2015


From Live Action News

The exhibit was created by Dr. Gunther von Hagens, the person behind the controversial “Body Worlds” exhibit. He uses a plastination technique to preserve animal and human bodies and sets up exhibits in an effort to educate people about anatomy in a way that books can’t. The exhibit is controversial because in the case of the human bodies, these were real people who arguably should have been buried. My staff and I have unresolved concerns about that aspect of it.

There are 42 embryos and fetuses preserved in glass cases along the curved wall. They start at the youngest and as you walk through the exhibit the babies get progressively older, until you reach the last child who was 33 weeks old and had a full head of hair.

Each baby has a sign under it giving the age from fertilization of the child and what is going on for a baby developmentally, at that age. The exhibit makes it clear that the ages attributed to the children is the actual time after fertilization, not LMP.

Read the rest here (Article includes photos of preserved babies)

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One Response to “OMSI’s Incredible Display of Miscarried Babies”

  1. frugaldreams says:

    I was an older teen, out of high school when I saw this exhibit. It is what convicted me that abortion is wrong. It is a life changing exhibit.

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