A Common Tragedy in Family Life – The Gospel is Not Heard

Posted By on January 14, 2014

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I continue to be convinced that the revival of biblical family life is one of the most pressing needs of our era for the spread of the gospel. Why? God has designed the family to be the first place the gospel is preached and heard in a human being’s life. If the family is in spiritual disarray, then the communication of the gospel is compromised. In fact, the gospel may NEVER be heard until adulthood. This is such a tragedy – a living soul is deprived of the most wonderful and beneficial thing in human experience – the gospel. Every period of history has its crises and the breakdown of the family is one of the greatest crises that ever comes upon a people. It is almost impossible for people living in our era to recover biblical family life. The culture is structured against the most important things of family life.

That is why, this weekend I will be traveling for a conference in the Phoenix area – The Southwest Family Vision Conference. I will be meeting with a group of elders and deacons on Thursday night, then delivering five messages on Friday and Saturday, and preaching at Heritage Baptist Church on Sunday.

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