GINKs on the rise?

Posted By on September 30, 2011

From Shannon Buckley at Mercatornet:

Those who would have us stop having children have obviously got through to the editor of The Guardian, Lisa Hymas, who has announced that she is going to be a ‘GINK’ – which is apparently a trendy new term which stands for ‘green inclinations, no kids’….

According to Hymas having no children is a family type that there is still prejudice against, so it needs to promoted and accepted.  It is surprising that this would be so, given that infertility rates are now very high due to the late age we have children.  One wonders if this is in fact the easier option for her, which she can justify to herself as a moral crusade.  There’s no doubt that children require you to give yourself almost limitlessly, and there certainly isn’t as much money to go around. …

Perhaps we need to stop making people feel that they need to buy so much to keep up with everyone else – the generations before us were fine without it – and go back to basic living?  Not only with baby products but with all the five minute wonder and unnecessary products that we buy.  I’m sure people got their toasters fixed when they broke 50 years ago –  Who would do that now?

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