More Details About Einwechter Tragedy

Posted By on March 1, 2014

A car horn screeched Monday night on Joe Hoffman’s property. Outside, he and his family found a Ford Expedition, tipping toward a pond in their eastern Bledsoe County yard. Hoffman’s daughter, 24-year-old Monique Einwechter, sat inside the car with her four children.

The biggest was 3 years old, the smallest 6 weeks old.

Leaving her parents’ house, Einwechter had to drive across a dam just a couple of feet wider than her SUV. She steered too close, and the car fell on the passenger’s side, splashing into the 35-degree water.

That fall, which led to the deaths of two of the children, has devastated the rural community on Rigsby Mountain in Bledsoe County, Tenn. The events have left neighbors and friends with little to do but pray for the family.

On Thursday afternoon, Einwechter’s family members gave more details about exactly what happened near that pond, what went wrong.

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