Simpler Life: Easy Health for Busy Moms

Posted By on September 23, 2011

It’s no wonder there are hundreds, if not thousands of books on “how to simplify your life”. At the core of every human is a tugging need for simplicity and serenity. Yet, technological advances seem only to add more to our lives, not simplify them, and American life seems to brim with opportunities that ultimately rob us of a simpler life.

I have realized, at age 39, that my health is super important to my efficiency as a home manager. Besides simplifying life where I can, I also need to  keep my body as healthy as possible to keep up with life’s demands. And even the fitness world, competing for dollars, has made health a time-consuming and expensive pursuit that necessitates an “expert” .

But balanced health is not complicated. I set out last year to research and condense the studies on nutrition and exercise in an effort to simplify this area and get on a path of healthier living. I was refreshed to learn how easy it is to improve our health with some simple changes and additions, understanding what the “power foods” are and how to avoid the major no-no’s in diet.

Join me on this simple yet incredibly important journey of “easy health”.

“Easy Health for Busy Moms” is a simple, direct, easy-to-read ebook full of information about healthier eating and living. There is also a bonus section about medicinal herbs. LAF readers can take %15 off by entering the coupon code “gethealthy” at checkout. That’s a ton of information for $4.22!

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Kelly Crawford is wife to Aaron and mother to 8 children. They operate a home business together besides living a very normal, busy life, by God's grace and a non-optional cup of coffee every morning. You can browse Kelly's website at Generation Cedar for more articles and the tools they sell to help equip families striving to live for God's glory. Drop in and say "hi"!


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