What is the Biblical Trustee Family?

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“Modern culture places high importance on self-esteem and personal accomplishment, as though individual achievements occur independently from family assistance. Moreover, it is considered a “rite of passage” for children to grow up and “leave” their homes to become independent adults. With such a migration away from strong family life occurring on a regular basis, is it any wonder why it is hard for most Christians (let alone non-Christians) to view the family as an institution that can truly stand side-by-side in importance with the church and the state?”

“This usurpation leaves the domestic family mostly concerned with baby and wedding showers, family reunions, graduations, and holidays. The biggest issues revolve around at whose house Christmas dinner will be served and celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.”

“He also notes that the headship of the husband is not understandable if viewed from a modern perspective. He held that the current view was more worthy of reproach because it is more properly described as male chauvinism rather than an embracing of the idea of trusteeship.6 Thus, rather than a my house my rules mentality, the head of the trustee family looks to lead by means of service, education, and discernment, with an eye toward future generations and their life of service and obedience to the Living God.”

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