Who’s Afraid of Pregnant Women?

Posted By on December 9, 2013

The Washington Post, by Mark Driscoll

On October 28, San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers’ wife, Tiffany, gave birth to their child—a girl. While I extend my sincerest congratulations to the Rivers family, I probably wouldn’t have even known about the event except for one key detail: baby Rivers is the family’s seventh child.

Philip Rivers has taken public hits from the likes of ESPN and Deadspin (not to mention the litany of armchair quarterbacks on social media) for his decision to have a big family. Journalist Mollie Hemingway identifies the criticism as the latest case of fecundophobia, our culture’s “growing fear of children and fertile women.”

There is growing vocal contempt of parenthood in cities, where mothers are pejoratively referred to by some as “breeders.” I always thought we called them by the more affectionate title “moms,” but I guess the world has really changed, and it’s time to start buying my mom a “Happy Breeder’s Day” card.

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