How are you dealing with your first born’s impending marriage?

Posted By on March 19, 2014

Father & Daughter—Friends, today & always.
Managing a Large Family
Because so few people understand the logistics of managing a large family, and so few know the great genius and diligence of my dear wife, many people at the loss of my wife were most concerned about logistical concerns—how would all the stuff of managing a household get taken care of? The truth is that my dear wife built the railroad, built the engine and stacked the coal. All I have to do is make sure the fire continues to get fed.

Now, however, we are soon to lose the platonic ideal of a first born daughter, as Darby is just days away from marrying and moving away. Many are worried that household management will become slipshod, and the wheels will come off the train. I, however, am not worried about that. First, my wife, well, she trained my daughters well. Delaney is not only not afraid of taking Darby’s reigns, but eager to have the chance to prove herself. None of us have any doubts that she will do wonderfully.

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