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How to Reach Us

We had to shut down the LAF Feedback Form when the amount of feedback coming in was just too much to keep up with. With dozens of messages coming in weekly, things added up really fast. So here's what we're asking you to do:
  1. Find people locally who can provide face-to-face communication. There are churches, Christian study groups, Bible studies, and more. For a good place to start, visit THIS SITE, which provides a list of family-friendly churches that embrace biblical manhood and womanhood.
  2. If you cannot find local support and have pressing questions about family life, homeschooling, Christianity, etc., we would encourage you to seek out online message forums dedicated to discussing these topics. There's strength in numbers, and you'll be able to find many other people to discuss topics of interest in a more timely manner.
  3. If you have a specific question for the editors and writers here, please drop an email to LAFemail (AT) Do realize that we cannot check the in-box daily, and if it becomes flooded with hate mail, deliberate spam, or abusive nonsense, we'll just close it down like we did the feedback form. Please do not abuse this avenue for communication. We would like to keep the door open, but not for foolishness. Thanks!

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