Civilization and Self-Control

Posted By on February 2, 2015

CharlesFred Compfight CC

CharlesFred Compfight CC

“I don’t want men looking at me lustfully when I work here.”

This is how a Muslim girl, cashier at Wal-Mart, replied to my wife’s question about the purpose of her head-covering, wrapped tightly around her head, covering everything except her face.

A civilization is built on the self-control of men. When men are able to refuse to obey their childish whims, their energy is freed to undertake greater things: invest, build, accumulate knowledge, create economic and political organizations, innovate, explore, discover. A man who cannot control his lust is unlikely to have the long-term commitment necessary to build a civilization. The Christian civilization that created the modern world with all its technologies, prosperity, justice, and knowledge, emerged in result of the self-conscious decision of Christian men in many generations to forgo present consumption and invest in the future.

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