Addressing The War on Women

Posted By on September 23, 2014

Editor’s Note: Our linking to this article is not an endorsement of Obamacare, birth control, a political party, humanistic empowerment, or egalitarianism, government schooling, though the author sites these things to be solutions in part. Conservative principles are not always synonymous with biblical principles. We do agree that we as a society need to come along side women and help them ‘deal’ with the real issues they face. We’ve been doing that since 2002. Enjoy our archives. They are rich with practical principles and wisdom for becoming a biblically grounded and capable Beautiful Woman. 

How Republicans Can Address The War on Women


Republican candidate Thom Tillis is trailing Sen. Kay Hagan in the North Carolina Senate race—a race Republicans desperately need to win to take control of Congress. The latest Rasmussen poll among likely voters shows Hagan leading Tillis 45 to 39 percent. This is a reversal from a month ago, when Tillis led by five points. An American Insights poll shows Hagan up by nine points and leading among men, women, and Independents.

Hagan’s lead broadened after her debate with Tillis, in which she hit him hard for his opposition to abortion and Obamacare’s free contraception mandate, dismissing his new advocacy for over-the-counter birth control pills as “politicking.”

This attack on Tillis has been supported by abortion conglomerates Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List, who are pouring millions into the race to mobilize women.

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