Biden’s anti-life policy

Posted By on August 25, 2011

Vice President Joe Biden can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. On Sunday, he said he “fully understands” and “is not second-guessing” Beijing’s one-child-per-family policy. The remark came during an unscripted question-and-answer session with students at China’s Sichuan University. An Obama administration spokesman backpedaled, claiming the vice president finds the coercive aspects of the policy – which include forced abortion and sterilization – “repugnant.”

“Repugnant” barely begins to describe Beijing’s population laws….Parents who expand their families beyond authorized limits face stiff punishment. According to the State Department, “those who violated the child-limit policy by having an unapproved child or helping another do so faced disciplinary measures such as social compensation fees [i.e., massive fines], job loss or demotion, loss of promotion opportunity, expulsion from the party … and other administrative punishments, including in some cases the destruction of private property.” Some parents are allowed to have a second child, but this carries great risks. In 2010, the city of Puning “conducted two campaigns of ‘sterilization of married couples that have two children, ” resulting in over 11,000 such forced procedures. Those who didn’t cooperate with “family-planning” officials were severely punished.

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One Response to “Biden’s anti-life policy”

  1. defman says:

    Eh… the communists reap what they sow. They created the one-child-policy, now they’re having to face their mistakes, too many men. Their problem. Their own fault. They played God, and they failed. Their communism failed. Their men will turn on each other and then on their communist leaders and ultimately, China will be destroyed from within. The communism threat will be over. It’s a matter of time.

    Their mistake was playing God, selecting females to be aborted, instead of leaving it alone. So this is how it will be, their choices biting them in the bum. Too bad.

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